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Don’t Look For Love Outside: Find It Within Yourself First

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We have been fed this idea that we are incomplete. That we must find the One to make us whole. That would bring us happiness and resolve all the different problems that we might have.

However, if you are someone who has been fed this idea, then you are looking at the wrong places. To be complete, you do not need to look outside – no, you just need to look inside to be whole.

Don’t hope that strangers will make you love and smile and feel complete. If you are feeling lonely, then don’t expect that falling in someone’s arms will make it go away. Don’t believe the whispers of confidence that others pour in your ears.

Inside you, you have all the love you need. You just need to shed away the walls around your heart and find yourself. Allow self-love to fill you from the inside. Know, that you are enough to be complete.

If you want to be whole, then spend every second of your life loving yourself. Caress the beautiful body that you have been gifted. Treat yourself with kindness. Take care of your own self and your needs. Laugh fully and completely. Fill yourself with warmth.

Choose proper friends – friends who love you for who you are. If you feel like something is missing, find out what it is? Don’t expect others to give you the answer – don’t wait for others to fix you. Fix yourself, make yourself better.

The culture we are in tells us that we are not good enough – we are not sexy or smart. But know, that you are already enough. You are enough from the time that you wake up till the time you go to sleep.

If you want love to fix yourself then believe that you aren’t broken. Maybe somehow, you have been made to feel this way. Don’t believe it. It’s a lie to lessen your self-esteem.

The world tries really hard to make you believe that you are incomplete and need the other half to be complete. Don’t believe such lies. Nobody can make you become whole except you. It is time to bring that power back to you.

If you want love, it’s time to choose yourself as your love. You don’t have to give the power to someone else – the power to love yourself lies within you.

Don’t allow another to determine how you should feel. Be in control of it yourself.

Seek your own kind of approval. Find love for yourself within. Don’t look for love outside. It’s already there inside– search and find it.

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