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Venus Skips Retrograde In 2019, But The One In 2020 Will Definitely Affect Your Love Life

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Although Venus isn’t moving retrograde until 2020, its energies are vibrating at a more accelerated pace now.

You might not understand the machinations in place, but someone who is sensitive to the workings of the Universe would understand what’s at stake.

Astrologically, Venus is a very controlling and feminine planet. Its movement in one’s chart would lead to severe changes that may have polarising positions.

Either you would be reaping the rewards, or suffering the repercussions.

Despite Mars having the lowest amount of Retrogrades, Venus spends the lowest minutes in a Retrograde. It undergoes a Retrograde every 18 months, sketching a journey over 42 days.

Venus Retrograde brings about several new complications in money and love, which might also put old lovers before you in an attempt to get closure.

This is the case with both Mars and Venus Retrogrades where the Universe tests your ability to handle strenuous situations. But remember that you would be able to get some perspective while handling these situations.

For people already in relationships, this is the period when you might come across problems in it. Affections might freeze a bit and old problems might come up.

You need to see this in a positive light where the upcoming problems would help one hash out their relationship issues in a healthy way.

On the other hand, at times this might bring out problems which could be a potential deal-breaker.

But even if this separation can cause some trauma, you need to realize that this will be useful in the long run. After this, you would be careful about what and who you need from life. The clarity you get would be useful.

Venus Retrograde brings about several new developments in one’s life. While you might find some powers of yours diminishing, other powers in other departments would increase.

See, it is unjust to think that you can go through life without anger, but you would see that your ability to witness and observe things around you has increased exponentially.

While Venus would give you the time to preen yourself, there is still time for that. You might want to not bring new things to the party, and actually, try doing things in a new way.

Change the way you look at things and try renovating something that you believe is turning into a problem.

You might find people renovating their wardrobes, but before that, you still should give something back to the society that has given you so much.

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