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Study Suggests Holding Hands With Your Partner Can Ease Your Pain

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by Conscious Reminder

When in pain, we often instinctively reach out to hold on. Be it a person or an object, being in contact with something tangible provides us a bit of comfort.

Now there is a scientific study which claims human touch truly is powerful, especially for those in pain.

The committed ones will vouch how their partners have a healing touch and can ease all their pains with just a touch.

Well, science now backs it too! When two of you are in physical contact, holding hands, in particular, it helps ease discomfort and the suffering lessens for the one in pain. Scientists have explained the mechanism of how this effect takes place.

Among the team who worked on the study was the psychologist Goldstein. Sincere human touch can do wonders and he conducted an experiment with his wife when his daughter was born. Later, over 20 couples took part in a similar experiment in a lab which lasted for a year.

When couples are near each other, without even touching, their brains waves would synchronize.

And this synchronicity was maximized when they were holding hands while the women experienced labor pains. Electroencephalography was used to measure the brainwave activity for these couples.

The study came up with another interesting fact. It was observed that the sensation of pain absolutely interrupted the interpersonal synchronization of the couples. Yet holding hands brought back this synchronization.

Some of us are afraid of physical contact when we are suffering. Don’t be afraid, let your partner’s gentle touch heal you. This touch has the power to ease your suffering.

This touch will maintain the connection between you two. Holding hands will result in great synchronization of the brainwaves which can even prevent diseases from attacking you both!

When in pain just remember to do the following. Take your partner’s hand and hold on to it for some time. If both of you are calm enough, you will be able to observe how your breathing and heart rate are synchronizing.

Even if you don’t ‘feel’ it, it is happening inside the brain. Heart rate, breathing, and brainwave patterns all sync up!

And when the other person feels enough empathy for the one suffering, the effects can even double.

Best results are attained when genuine feelings are involved in the comforting. The better your synchronization, the easier the whole process becomes.

So next time you are in pain or notice your partner suffering, don’t forget to extend your healing touch!

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