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3 Crystals That Will Help You Get Into A Dreamscape This September Full Moon

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Well, by now you must have heard reports of an incoming Full Moon after a day or two.

This Full Moon is complete in its illumination of where we are going wrong, but it might still get a little bit intense, owing to its dichotomy between Neptune and Mars.

Neptune is going to put in mists, fogs, and illusions, leading to some delusions that could very well oppose the practicality of Mars.

All in all, the time is going to be a bit frustrating for you, which you can get ahead of by using crystals. But, you still need to know the crystal that would best suit your purpose.

Full Moons in the sign of Pisces usually heighten our intuition in an energetic space. This watery sign is spiritual and emotionally connected. Yet, they live in their dream world, absolutely neglecting earthly responsibilities.

So this whimsical nature coupled with a full moon’s intensity will create friction this Virgo season. Virgo’s practicality and Pisces’ dreamy nature- the classic struggle!

This Full Moon, letting go of bad habits or finishing projects will be difficult. Yet the Sun-Pluto trine will help us access our personal powers. Rebirth is important now as well. And the heightened intuition is here to guide us on the right path.

Here are 3 crystals that will help you get ahead of the ambivalence in this month.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst is simply the amalgamation of two stones- amethyst and chevron. When they are combined, they are perfect for providing inspiration, divine influence or simple cleansing. This crystal will be adept at increasing your physical as well as intuitive vision, whilst working with the Crown Chakra. One should definitely use it to negate any negativity in place.


Howlite will definitely serve its purpose when it assists you in trusting your intuitions, whilst soothing your emotions. It increases awareness, prevents anxiety, and calms the restlessness of the mind and the body. It also helps when one is suffering from old wounds, by providing some much-needed support.


No surprises there. As the name goes, this stone clearly relates and resonates with the motions of the moon, owing to its dream-like and ethereal state. The Moonstone appears to be a carefully painted landscape put across a clearly lit sky.

The stone has a very distinct sheen of its own, which reflects hues of gray, white, yellow, etc, which symbolizes the many fluctuating moods of the Moon.

Keep these crystals nearby as the Pisces Full Moon is almost here!

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