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Tonight, Expect The Pisces Full Moon To Take You In The Deep Waters Of Your Emotions

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Pisces being a watery sign puts us into the deepest trenches of our thoughts- forcing us to deal with what’s stopping us from absolving our pains and fears.

The only way to get rid of pain is to emotionally cleanse yourself by grieving about it. Only after we grieve can we attain the stability required to go through the entirety of this year, like a revision. This will allow us to go beyond what we do every single day and actually go a bit forward.

We should probably stop the noise outside, only so that we can focus on what’s inside. We need to understand our own past so that we can bring out the best version in the present.

Also, it is always important to bring out our complete past, so we can properly go through the present.

The Full Moon on the 13th is obviously going to make you face your fears, even though you might be hesitant. This is when Neptune comes out, for Neptune rules Pisces.

With the advent of Neptune, it is understood that you would take recourse to drugs, dreams, and alcohol, instead of dealing with what’s true.

The yin and the yang are best teachers of the trope that ‘if you want to see good, you first have to see bad’. And that goes both ways.

They teach one the idea, that wholeness can only be achieved after one goes through intense polarizing opinions. We need to see the cause of certain roads and the effect that comes after it.

Probably the best thing to learn this Full Moon would be to consciously make a collective decision that would turn Earth into heaven. For, the unconscious actions of certain collectives have led to this decadent society that we currently live in.

This is the moment when you go back and think about old incidents- how did you suffer, and what resentment is still present inside you.

You need to ask yourself, how can you be so enmeshed in them? Next, you need to think about your story and wonder how it got real. If you know people, ask them to play their parts.

How long would you be blaming others for what happened to you? Can you feel it within your soul that you ought to deal with it in your own way? Or do you think this is going to help?

Now, you need to find the lesson that was enmeshed in the pain. What did you learn from your experiences and how would they help you develop as you go by?

You need to identify them as being perfect to teach you how to be of service, and actually be grateful for how important it was.

Our wounds are a major indicator of how to heal. All you need to do is indulge in some oral storytelling, usually in the form of parables. This will help you with some much-needed soul education and your unconscious stories won’t hurt you much.

What we are inside our skin, matters. While some may claim that at the deepest vestiges of their soul, they are unlovable, it just makes it difficult for them to not face rejection.

With parables such as the Ugly Duckling, the author is simply trying to say is people don’t like spending too much time focusing on what makes others different. They would love to simply categorize people according to what they see, and nothing else.

Being different is futile, for people hardly care to see beneath your skin. This also comes from the fact that people don’t even want to look inside themselves and check what sets them as great. What they do is make fun of people who aim to be different.

It is true that the reality we believe in is a reflection of how we see our own self.

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