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Your June 2021 Horoscope Is All About Mercury Retrograde

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by Conscious Reminder

June has arrived! Get ready for two big retrogrades and an eclipse that can throw things into chaos.

But the sweet melancholy of Cancer season is also here. On 2nd June, romantic Venus will enter emotional Cancer, so prepare for some emotional intimacy. 11th June, Friday will align the stars to your advantage so any wish you make that day might just come true!

These are just two of the events awaiting you. Read on to find out what your horoscope holds in store:


June comes with one more chaotic eclipse. So lashing out is the worst action you can take. Instead treat yourself to indulgence – a luxury bath, the favorite snacks. Most importantly, rest up to ensure you can get through eclipse season without much drama.


Jupiter retrograde reveals many truths in your friendships. The pandemic has made many changes in our relations. Now that we begin socializing once more, they will be clear. Remember that it is alright to let go of friendships. Only then can new ones be formed.


You have been working hard for a long time. Many times in the course of the pandemic, you might have gotten close to giving up. But with the Jupiter retrograde, the hard work will finally be paying off. You might also get the emotional intimacy you are craving. Enjoy and relax.


Sweet Cancers will get an excuse for staying inside because of the solar eclipse. But! You must be prepared to get out again because this month is the start of your season. While everyone will lament the woes of summer, it’s nothing new for you. Your season starts with the Summer Solstice so invite family and friends on the day.


You will get to know about major truths regarding the love life. It might be good news or bad news, however. Just remember that holding onto expired relationships will keep new ones from happening. So let go if it is needed.


You are known for your intelligence. But sometimes, even you might miss out on a relationship’s red flags. So it is alright if you have outgrown someone. It is ok if the situation is not working out anymore. Pay extra importance to love yourself and remind yourself that you deserve more than being taken for granted.


You stand for justice, and you despise fights. But the bad news is this eclipse season will bring just that. But June will request you to keep yourself first. Not much can be fixed by beating up people but you can get weary. So even though stepping back and resting may seem against your intuition, it will make things easier and more productive.


People often love you for your inspiring imagination. But sometimes, the flair can make things chaotic, especially with the dramatic eclipse season. So give more importance to self-care. Stay grounded using tools like meditation. Love planet Venus will urge your instincts to spruce up your home base.


You are ruled by lucky Jupiter and it seems like fortune follows you. However, with the planet in retrograde, you will not be getting any more help from Jupiter. But Mars, the warrior planet, is entering bold Leo. So you will be ready to face down those haters.


The most important thing for this month is looking after your health. Visit that doctor which you have been putting off for so long. Also, release everything you are bottling. You will be amazed at how much your loved ones will love you for it.


This is the month to be low-key. You would do well with taking a break from social media as well. Try to avoid the petty fights and reap the sexy attention awaiting you at the month’s end.


Your ruling Neptune is going retrograde for the month. So being a hermit might look tempting. However, June can also bring fantastic opportunities for romance. So do not remain in your cave for a long time.

On 22nd June, Mercury retrograde will come to an end. This will make communication and any traveling much easier. Moreover, Capricorn’s full moon on 24th June will charge up the air with excitement which will help you in projects you are stuck with.

June is a time to be cautious, but it has opportunities hidden as well.    

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