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The Four Elements Of True Love According To Buddha

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Just the feeling of true love is not enough to make it last a lifetime. There is more to strengthening love other than just saying you are in love. Buddha says that there are about four elements that make love lasting and strong.

# Maitri

Maitri literally translates to kindness. This means that you just cannot know to love, but you must also know how to love. You might be true in your intentions to love someone and be truly loving but sometimes you may not be loving them right. This takes observation and understanding your partner on a deeper level.

How to develop?

This can be developed by really paying attention to your partner and making an honest and true effort to actually understand them. Listen to them talk and notice everything.

# Karuna

Karuna means compassion. It means to understand and feel the pain that your loved one is going through because only then will you be able to help them and make them get through their pain and stop hurting.

How to develop?

Communicate. Talk. Make your partner open up about what is really going on with them and have them share their pain and hurt with you. Nobody can soothe and help your partner like you can. There is no way to love them without trying to help them hurt less.

# Mudita

The meaning of Mudita is happiness. Something that you must always remember that love should always be a source of happiness, love and light, so, therefore if your love is not making you the happiest you can possibly be, it is not the truest form of love. Happiness is what makes the hearts get closer and fulfils your life. Love should feel like nothing you have felt ever before.

How to develop?

This is comparatively easy and less abstract. You have to do things that both of you have fun doing individually, together. Contrary to popular belief, happiness is about little things.

# Upeksha

This is the last element of love. Upeksha means freedom. Even in a relationship, you must always remember that even in a relationship, one has to have individual freedom. One has to feel accepted as their true, unapologetic selves. One should have the freedom to just be.

How to develop?

Find comfort in each other’s company without constantly trying to keep in interested and on their toes. Find freedom to just be.

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