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A Sunday Ritual That Will Boost Your Flow Of Abundance

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by Conscious Reminder

With the present schedule that we have, we are often unable to bring out time for ourselves, where we would simply enjoy the moment as it should be enjoyed.

So, why not indulge in a ritual that will help one get into that soul space and erase all negativities from one’s life?

Here is how you can practice a Sunday ritual to help you out.

A Sanctuary For Soulful Sunday

Choose a place in your home which gives you a sense of familiarity and belonging. It should be well lit, with proper sunlight, and should be filled with holistic equipment. This includes yoga mats, essential oils, posters for motivation- anything that gives you peace and sanity. Make it your own space and try to be in it for most parts of the day.

Home Being A Sacred Space

Instead of cluttering your room with things, remove them and make way for some much-needed breathing area. The more Spartan you make it, the holier your household will be. You can use vinegar or some essential oil to help declutter your breathing space.

Holistic Time Schedule

Before you simply make plans for the meetings and work that you have for the week, try taking time out for your health and happiness. Set aside time in your week where you would simply be in your own space, unmindful of what’s happening outside. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Sundays Should Be For Truth

While most of us would give anything to live a holistic life, it is extremely tough. For, most of the things that you would say have to be filled with light and love. You can’t say things in fear, it always has to come out in a spirit of love, and all that illuminates the world. It would mean living a life which would make us feel alive.

Three Intentions For The Week

Write down three challenges that you would wish to take the coming week. Remember that it isn’t a ruse for you to go out of your comfort zone. It is simply to challenge you, albeit gently, to overcome a few difficulties and grow as a human.

Converse With Yourself

Ask questions to yourself. Where do you stand in your life? Are you taking all the responsibilities that come with it? Or are you shifting the blame on others without acclimatizing to your mistakes? Take ownership of your life, for, that is going to help.

Review Your Holistic Wealth

Take time out to chart your finances. How much you bring in, how much you spend, how much goes towards making the person you are, how much debt you might incur- crunch the numbers weekly. For, not only will that give you time to do something, but it will also help you avoid losses and falling into debts.

Mention How You Love Yourself

Say ‘I love you’ to yourself. For, if you love yourself, things will flow in their natural way.

Well, try this Sunday ritual out, and see if that works out well enough for you or not.

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