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3 Ways Spirituality Helps You On Your Healing Journey

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by Conscious Reminder

Spirituality can impact your health in several ways but the data we possess is limited, so, we fail to make a connection.

People with spirituality have seen an improved immune system, mental health, and longevity. Health care advocates and physicians have successfully bridged the gap between traditional medicine and cutting-edge trauma. They have found that spirituality is quite effective to heal.

We have taken this opportunity to list down some of the highlights for you.

Ways To Utilize Spirituality In Your Healing

1: Surrender

It is extremely important to set a goal for your healing journey. You need to be crystal clear in your healing intentions and surrender all of your attachments. This is definitely much harder than it seems but if you are well-linked to your intentions, it is tough to lose control.

You might visualize several ongoing desires at once, which is why you cannot place all of your focus on one intention. 

You can practice image cycling which will help you surrender and get out of your own way. You will set the intention and then move on to another one. This cycle will continue so that you are not obsessed with the intentions that are not healing you. 

This experience might be extremely difficult but you can practice it while keeping your intentions away. This can eventually be the “sweet spot” for spiritual healing.

2: Social Justice

Spirituality cannot be used for healing without thinking about the well-being of others around you. You must include empathy for others who are suffering from trying to control their lives.

If we consider the planet, both the Earth and the people living on it must function perfectly for everyone to survive. 

You will discover the growth of circles of healing for individuals who are ill and are trying to recover. This is, all thanks to, a bunch of social justice activists who are working tirelessly to promote a community of healing.

3: Support

The next crucial thing that you need to have is a supportive community while you are healing. It is possible to heal yourself, but you cannot do so alone. You need supportive people around you to repair your body and to co-regulate your nervous system.

You can create a “circle of healing” where supportive people will encourage you on your journey. If you are not able to create one, you can join an in-person healing group to feel empowered.

You need to include only those people who are supportive and open to listening. People should be able to educate you about your alternative but should not control you in any way. Include trustworthy people who believe that you would decide on matters that are best for you.

It might not be possible to gain access to a healing group, however, you can create one at your home.

All you need to have is a community that cares and has an open heart.

Spirituality and healing are not luxuries so they should be equal and available for all for the betterment of mankind.

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