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What Are Incarnated Angels?

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Incarnated angels are spirits of angelic realm, born to aid humans in their mortal experiences. They live for a very short span of time and rarely marry.

Their life is usually a utilitarian agenda and their lives end either in infancy or childhood. Angels, who incarnate as humans, also have to undergo all human pains, pleasures, and the mortal worries.

Angels maintain a close association with the divine. They are not superior to human beings but they do aid mortal beings and aim to spread compassion around. Many of these angels can be ‘walk-ins’.

This simply means that they aren’t born angels, but rather another spirit walked into their souls at the right time for a purpose. These angels are so close to their creators that they have an innate quality to be creative and express through art.

They hardly communicate through any other way than art. They are called “crystal children” because of their high level of sensitivity towards touch, light, and sound.

Incarnate Angels often feel an absent presence of etheric wings, kind of like a phantom pain that someone who has lost a limb feels. They can imagine the shape and size and texture of it all.

The crown chakra, just above one’s head or the halo is ever present. The crown chakra is overactive and very strong. Also, their base or sacral chakras are underactive and weak.

Moreover, these angels usually feel trapped in human bodies and because of that may experience out of body dreams that fulfill their desire of being free. Angels appear in parallel universes.

Stories of angels appear in just about every religion. They incarnate to teach and aid humans as suggested above. Some think that the incarnate angels are so-called fallen angels.

Others beg to differ and the school of thought that differs with this idea of ‘fallen’ angels suggests that the concepts of evil and good are subjective and are socially constructed categories.

Duties of incarnated angels range from being a teacher, counselor, guardian, educator, etc. They are usually known to be associated with archangels.

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