These Crystals Can Stimulate Your Psychic Abilities

by Conscious Reminder

Crystals have a lot of spiritual benefits attached to them. You may know about crystals and how they can bring clarity to your mind.

They have the power to alleviate psychic smog and make you more intuitive. Many crystals can even heal your physiological problems. Many people use crystals to enhance their spiritual side and fight off negative energy. But do you know that crystals can also amplify your psychic abilities?

Here are a few crystals which can enhance your psychic awareness:


This is a famous crystal which can help you to amplify your psychic abilities. You can use it to de-stress yourself and calm your mind. By placing amethyst on the third eye, you can open it and let it absorb psychic messages. If you place quartz around this stone especially around the sides, then you can draw more energy to it.


While amethyst will help you receive messages, you do require an interpretation of them, right? Well, a fluorite tumblestone is just the thing for you. It will include blues and purples and connect your third eye with the throat chakra. That way, you can convey the messages easily.


Your psychic skills need to grow but there might be blocks that prevent it from happening. Kyanite releases all these blocks and helps you receive more psychic messages. It becomes your spirit guide. You can wear it or place it on the bedside table to be more open to the messages.

Black Tourmaline

To connect with your inner self, no stone is as good as black tourmaline. If you engage in psychic work wearing this crystal, it will ward off negative energy. You can even place this stone in the corners of your room to allow positive energy to circulate around you.


If you want to open up the crown chakra, then Quartz should be your go-to crystal. The Crown chakra is just above the head and hence, it can be said to be the connection with the physical world and the spirit world. It requires high vibration levels and you have to be open to receive the spiritual life. So, lie down and just place this crystal above the head for about 15 minutes. Concentrate on your breathing. Repeat this exercise every month.

So, get your vibration level high and psychic abilities to the max with the help of these powerful crystals.

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