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The Spiritual Meaning Of The Worm Full Moon, March 2023

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Full Moons are known to cause significant epiphanies, and a Full Moon in Virgo can shine a light on every detail.

Under the light of a Full Moon, information can rise to the surface and reveal details that are both intriguing and uplifting. Upcoming Full Moon is scheduled for March 7th, 2023.

Reorganization may occur during this period (because Virgo is all about organization), and as a result, we may be able to let go of projects, relationships, or ideas that no longer make sense to us.

It will be necessary to consider what should be removed and what should be retained. The Full Worm Moon occurs in March because the climate is favorable for the return of worms at this time of year.

This Moon was also known as the Full Crow Moon because crow cawing was associated with the end of winter.

Spiritual Meaning of the Virgo Full Moon

A Full Moon in Virgo is only possible when the Sun is in Pisces. Pisces is known for having emotions as deep as the ocean, heads in the clouds, and hearts set on doing business.

Virgos are well-organized, logical, and down-to-earth. Pisces and Virgo are very different zodiac signs, but they complement each other, and a Full Moon in Virgo invites clarity during Pisces season’s whirlwind of energy.

Each sign in the zodiac has an opposite sign that balances it out. Despite the fact that the Sun is currently in Pisces, the Moon’s current position in Virgo will serve to remind us to be selective in the activities we commit to.

Having said that, Virgo should not be mistaken for stuffy or boring. After feeling lost or confused during the dreamy Pisces season, this Full Moon in Virgo may allow us to reconnect with what makes us happy.

The Pisces season

The Sun’s current position in Pisces reminds us that anything is possible, while the Moon’s current position in Virgo encourages us to be selective about the goals we set for ourselves.

The Pisces season has the potential to bring a flood of creative inspiration as well! Even though we are all familiar with the “messy artist” syndrome, the truth is that performing art requires organization.

When the Moon is in Virgo, it can assist us in becoming more organized and focused in our creative endeavors. The vision is inspired by the Sun’s position in Pisces.

The Full Moon represents a time of letting go and can be an emotional time. If you’re familiar with astrology, you’ll know that water signs like Pisces are associated with emotions and sentiments.

Significant emotional breakthroughs may occur when the Moon is in its full phase and in analytical Virgo. Virgo is one of the most inquisitive zodiac signs, and significant inquiries can be made during this new phase.

There could be some surprises. If our attention has been scattered during the Pisces season, the Full Moon in Virgo can help us refocus our attention on whatever we are trying to understand, let go of, or release.

Astrology of the Virgo Full Moon

A “T-square” will occur during this year’s Full Moon in Virgo, according to astrologers. On a chart wheel, a T-square is formed when three planets are ninety degrees apart, resulting in a shape that resembles the letter “T.”

The Sun will be in Pisces, while the Moon will be in Virgo, which are diametrically opposed signs. Mars will be in Gemini, making a 90-degree angle with both the Sun and the Moon.

As a result of the Full Moon, a T-square will form. The T-square has the potential to increase the pressure, giving the impression that something urgent needs to be done.

People may feel more inclined to “let go” during Pisces season, but a T-square, particularly one involving fiery Mars, can spark a lot of motivation to take action.

People are more likely to become enraged during this time, but decisive action can still be taken. When two planets are sixty degrees apart on the zodiac wheel, it indicates a cooperative and communicative atmosphere.

Mars, the action planet, and Venus, the love planet, can form a sextile, which can be competitive, charming, and entertaining.

The Sun will form a sextile conjunction with Uranus in Taurus during this Full Moon, and the Moon will also form a trine conjunction with Uranus.

Harmonious aspects such as sextiles and trines are thought to represent ease. The useful connections that the Sun and Moon have with Uranus will encourage experimentation.

We may be surprised by feelings at this time, and we may discover that we have unexpected things in common with others.

Full Moons have the potential to bring long-simmering issues to the surface, but they also encourage collaboration, which, when combined with the activity of Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, can result in unexpected pairings or new approaches.

During this Full Moon, a previously unimaginable solution or opportunity may present itself, so keep an open mind.

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