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Full Moon In Aquarius: Daily Agenda For The Rest Of The Week

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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon in Aquarius will occur on 22nd/23rd August. It also happens to be a rare Blue Moon that will not happen for quite some time.

Such moons are also called the betrayer moon (the 4th full moon that did not have a place in the normal annual cycle). NASA says blue moons happen at an interval of 2 and a half years. This is the blue moon that appears in the popular English phrase.

But the full moon is not turning blue in reality. This Aquarius Full Moon will be a time when challenging tests will appear. But overcoming these challenges can be deeply insightful. People may appear to be unfiltered, and it may reveal potent issues.

The Aquarius Full Moon can be fun if approached with loving intentions. Using the energy of the planet of the day in the week is essential for doing so. So, here are suggestions about what can be done on the remaining days of this week:

Wednesday: Mercury’s Day And Communication

Be authentic and honest whenever you are communicating. This is not the time for being fake. Being honest will let us honor and activate our valuable messages.

All types of communication will work. It can be a conversation, a text, a call on the phone, writing, sharing on social media, or email.

Thursday: Jupiter’s Day, Meetings, And Socializing

On this day, deep self-care can be practiced when it comes to relationships. Much more than has been done through the year.

This is not about something material, like a treat outside. This means setting difficult but important boundaries, or staying away from technology, or even hiring a coach or mentor.

Friday: Venus’ Day, Beauty, And Love

Friday’s priority will be to beautify the environment at home. We can enhance the space by adorning it with flowers. It can be taken further by writing love letters addressed to your flowers. This will make gratitude energy flow and fill up our hearts.

We can thank them for the amazing gift of luxury and scent that the flowers provide. Of course, writing a love letter to another person works too. Romantic feelings are not a necessity.

Saturday: Saturn’s Day, Letting Go, and Learning

On Saturday, sit down and figure out the things that need to be completed and resolved once and for all. This includes people, opinions, judgments, feelings, and emotions. It can be done by creating and burning a list.

Or, you can remove something physically. This is also a supportive day for bidding adieu to a difficult situation. New is about to bear fruit, so make sure there is room to receive it, by releasing the old.

Sunday: Sun’s Day, Wellness, And Goals

On the Aquarius Full Moon’s day, work in a way that reflects your long-term objectives. This is the final call to all the soul’s passion and values that you have conversing with over the past few months.

These can be enhanced by jotting them down, or seeing them in a dream, or just discussing them. You can leave a letter for yourself in the future who is experiencing your dream life.

You can talk about how happy you feel for the future self. The most important thing is assessing your current position and releasing everything that are obstacles to attaining the big vision.

The most significant deed that can be done during this Aquarius Full Moon is, to be honest with yourself. This means aligning yourself completely with your values.

These values can be activated by doing a helpful deed that benefits the world. Letting our authenticity shimmer and shine is the best way of maximizing the powerful energy of this Full Moon.

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