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Coincidence vs. Synchronicity – Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

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The psychologist Carl Jung had once given the concept of synchronicity. Synchronicity is the idea that sometimes, in unconscious ways the Universe manages to communicate with you through indirect signs.

These happenings might seem to be coincidences but they’re not. There is a deeper process at work here that we may not be able to comprehend right off the bat.

Sometimes things happen in life and our first reaction is to think “Wow, how lucky was that?”

These moments can be subtle and they reveal the interconnectedness of all things.

There is a difference between coincidence and synchronicity. Coincidences are probabilities which work on you alone. Synchronicity connects you to someone else.

Let’s take an example of synchronicity. You were thinking about your mother who lives back in your hometown and decide to call her only to realize that she was missing you and calling you at the exact same time. That, my friend, is synchronicity.

There is a subtle connection we share with our world that comes calling every once in a while. So the next time something like this happens to you watch out for it. Don’t ignore a moment of synchronicity as it may have deep meanings for your life.

Here are some signs to look out for these moments:

1.Looking at the clock only to see a pattern of numbers. For example, 11:11, 12:34, 12:12, 22:22. While any particular set of numbers will only last for 60 seconds at most, somehow you glanced up exactly when it was set on this brief period of time

2.You start humming an old song and just then the radio plays that very song.

3.The Universe seems to give subtle signs to you, pushing you a certain way every time you have to make a big decision which could alter your whole life.

4.A friend or loved one gifts you an item that you’ve been thinking about getting for yourself, even though you never spoke a word of it to anyone.

5.You randomly meet the exact person who can solve a pressing problem you’re having at that very moment.

These are signs of synchronicity and it would be best that you embrace them! In the same vein we’d love for you to come and connect and share your thoughts with us. 

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