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Libra Season Will Be Wonderful For These Zodiac Signs. Are You One Of Them?

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by Conscious Reminder

Each season hints at something beautiful. But probably, no season can be as beautiful as Fall.

The leaves turning yellow and drifting slowly to the ground has its own marvel. This feeling of something special is only intensified as the Autumnal Equinox occurs on 23rd September.

A Libra will find this period very exciting because they are not just born under the effects of Venus, but being an air sign, they have this innate capability to bring out harmony amidst their surroundings.

While all zodiacs will feel the effect of the Libra season, the following three signs would love the motions that this season brings for them:


The time has come for you to get out of your comfort zone. While the Virgo season had all the workings of an introspective and restless month, this season is going to be different. Your period of lazing around is over.

This Libra season will have the sun in your fifth house consisting of creativity, joy, passion and love. So, use this period to innovate and bring out newer designs in your life. Celebrate love because this season, it is going to be totally worth it.


We know that you were overtly critical of the Virgo season, bringing out the judgmental side of you. But that was probably necessary given the situation you were in. But now, the Sun is exactly where you want it to be.

It is giving you a fresh start, so why not utilize it. It is your birthday, after all. Don’t forget to put your needs before the needs of others. After all, you have been spending too much time wondering about and empathizing with other people.


Virgo was all about highlighting your flaws for the world to see. But it also helped you understand who you really are. This was a period when one had to find and rectify their faults, which is something you did. So, no worries.

\So, when you move into the Libra season, you would get a sneak-peek as to what the future holds for you. You would be facing the truth, which would enhance your capabilities to a whole new degree. This might actually be a good time for you to start working on a CV and highlight your strengths.

Have a happy Libra Season ahead. It’s going to be outstanding.

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