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Super Strawberry Full Moon In Capricorn On June 24th/25th: Mixed Bag Of Emotions

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by Conscious Reminder

The Super Full Moon in Capricorn is scheduled to take place on 24th/25th June 2021 based on the time zone of the people.

This Super Full Moon will be accompanied by energies that will comprise different frequencies and feelings.

This energy will make us feel scattered or sometimes attracted in differing directions. However, fortunately, Capricorn has a sense of earthiness that will keep us centered in one place and maintain calm stability through these waves of energy.

Super Full Moons are specifically known to draw out unnecessary things from us like a magnet. This release will be a welcomed cathartic feeling but will also be very intense for us.

In addition, we may also find ourselves being stuck between two states that will have a heavy influence on us throughout this lunation. Nonetheless, the cleansing of our spirit will later make us feel relieved and lift our energy.

June lunation is certainly filled with dual-energy and we might be constantly confused regarding the coming or leaving of things and the way we should move forward.

Even though Full moons are usually confusing, this lunation has wildcard energy that will create chaos until we get a clarity of vision. As a result, we must move slowly and wait patiently till we receive the vantage point.

Varying Energy Of Super Full Moon 

We will be able to see our final destination only after the dust settles and everything around us stops spinning.

Moreover, Capricorn energy is suitable for creating a solid and strong foundation. This will naturally enable strong things to pass the tests that time puts forward and focus on the important aspects of life.

Pholus is an asteroid just like Chiron. Pholus is associated with omens, cause and effect, and the divine truth that become super-active, especially during the full moon period.

According to astrology, the potency of Pholus suggests the point of change or any simple action which leads to the beginning of a new journey.

In many ways, this indicates the coming off of the lid that may bring new truths to the surface or the emergence of new wisdom. These will finally help us in understanding everything with a deeper perspective.

Pholus energy will help us in finding information regarding our ancestors and our relationships. Many past wounds might get triggered during this phase. This energy is from the outer world but works deep on a personal level.

Lunation Chaos And Order 

Regret is definitely a bad feeling but it is a part and parcel of human nature. Everyone does things they regret and finally seeks forgiveness and peace.

This Capricorn lunation will bring extra emphasis on forgiveness. We will question what should be done or rather avoid to obtain forgiveness and evolve as a human.

Nonetheless, we must understand that holding onto regrets will not help us in our journey to self-development or growth.

Rather we must let go of past regrets and move forward. These recent eclipses have been intense and this lunation along with Pholus energy demands surrendering to our fate. We must embrace the surprises in our path.

Life does not need to make sense or be ordered. Life is supposed to keep us perpetually on our toes and we must try to learn significant lessons. Each incident and adventure will bring new ideas, new experiences, and new points of view.

Although this Super Full Moon in June might spin and scatter things, we must keep our minds open. Moving with the flow will help us grow.

We will be able to see things in a new way and achieve a meaningful perspective. 

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