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Libra Season 2019 Horoscopes: Things Are Slowing Down

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by Conscious Reminder

This Fall season makes everyone stop what they are doing and enjoy the weather. Simply stand and watch as the leaves turn yellow, bring out your light sweaters, go out on dates, and take loads of pictures.

There is something magical about this season that would always make one stand and wonder- where do we go from here? How bad or fantastic will it be? This season works subtly, but it sets the tone for the final leg of the year.

Let’s see how the zodiacs will be affected by this season:


Don’t be stubborn and learn how to compromise. Yes, the season will be about your inter-personal relationships. It might also be about how you can maintain a relationship. But you still need to learn how to meet someone in the middle.


You just have to work. There is no other option. Since the Sun is passing through your house of due diligence, you should start hustling. But the Libra season will make it smoother for you. Don’t worry.


You are about to start loving yourself, and why shouldn’t you? This season is all about finding your beauty. The Sun will find its place in your house of romance and creativity, so you might get into the spotlight for a bit longer.


You want to be home and you will be. Just as the season of the fall starts, you will find yourself cozy in your shell. Use this season to bring harmony into your life.


You will be experiencing the ‘social media queen’ status. Enjoy it, as the sun will be in your house of communication. Bring out chatty Kathy out of you, and enjoy the presence you have on social media.


Shop. Just go out and buy anything you want. The Sun is going to be in your house of pleasures, so why not add some value to it? Your worth is a lot more, so indulge in some expensive gold, maybe?


It is your birthday- what could go wrong? So, cheer up and celebrate. The time to party has come a-knocking. Go out, have fun, and use this energy to revitalize yourself.


Don’t get so depressed about things. In fact, the Libra season will give you some respite from life itself. So, use it properly, and catch up on some much-needed sleep.


This is the time for you to bring out your friends and party like it was 1999. The Sun will be in the house of extended networks, so this is probably the best time to hang out with those homies you don’t meet enough.


You need to take charge of the things that happen around you. The Sun will nudge you in the right direction, and put prosperity before you. But it is ultimately you who needs to control the direction and the speed at which things are going.


The diplomat- you never take sides. Maybe that suits your purpose. But, this season won’t be about judging you for your personal opinions. Rather this period is going to help you enhance your ideologies.


You will be in the throes of passion, for this Season as well as the Sun would bring some much-needed intimacy and sensuousness to you. But it isn’t just you playing the cards- you have a partner. Listen to their needs, as they are priorities.

This is going to be an amazing season. Hope you can get the best out of it!

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