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August 2021 Horoscopes: Ups And Downs For A Test Of Character

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by Conscious Reminder

Welcome to August! While your August horoscope is riddled with ups, it also comes with its own share of downs.

However, you may finish this year’s August stronger than you are now. You will hopefully find yourself on the path of your resilience. The New Moon on the 8th is set to come as a blessing.

With the advent of this New Moon, you will tend to be more creative and expressive of your needs. Your life will experience a boost in zest and you will feel encouragement all around you.


You must be prepared for some hurdles coming your way. However, you must embrace these challenges and have the courage required to fulfill your desires. You might come across certain differences in opinions. These will try and pull you down.  But once you overcome these obstacles you are bound to be successful!


Brace yourself for a month that will feel like a roller coaster ride. By 8th August, you will feel like you have reached your limit. You would recognize changes all around you. This is the time when the New Moon will affect your desires regarding your 4th house. It will also bring encouragement to fulfill your heart’s desire.


On 8th August, the New moon will be influencing your 3rd house. As you know, this house mainly affects your communication. The new moon will make you a better listener and harness your power of communicating with others. You will have the power to seize this opportunity!


This year, the only thing knocking on your door will be dollars! On 8th August the New Moon will shine upon your 2nd house, mainly responsible for your finances. All of your gains will depend upon the way you approach this opportunity!


Greetings and drum rolls, please! Are you already feeling like you are the protagonist in a movie? Well, you can’t really blame yourself, the new moon is supposed to help you become the most authentic version of yourself.


This month will help you align yourself spiritually with the universe, Virgo. On 8th August, the new moon will help you heal yourself. It will be particularly affecting your twelfth house. Are you ready to hone your intuition and organize your life? The timing couldn’t be better for you!


The powerful New Moon has in store a ton of leadership skills for you. Connect with the wider circle with the New Moon shining on you. This month will be a boon to your eleventh house, responsible for community building. Are you ready to cast a ripple across the water affecting other lives?


It is time to focus on your career! You will experience some amazing results! With fire raging inside your tenth house, the cosmos will encourage you to take a hold of your life while uplifting your public image!


Feel the wind uplifting your wings and helping you fly across the sky into your wildest dreams. So bid goodbye to all those unnecessary obsessions and take your opportunities head-on!


The 8th house, responsible for transforming you into a better person will get its fair share of the shine of the New Moon. It’s time to rethink your social ties and financial investments.


This month will shine on the healthier dynamics of your relationship that you have to work on! Meet this opportunity head-on to become a more understanding and better partner. It will also make you a better judge of the partner you need, with whom you are willing to spend your life!


It’s time for you to revisit your decisions with a little bit of thoughtlessness and mindfulness. Your 6th house will glow with the light of the new moon, boosting your productivity. However, first, you should make your self-care the top priority in your life.

The new moon on the 8th makes you want to go out there and seize every opportunity of the new days to come.

So, grab a chair, some sunscreen, a good book and just chill outdoors. You so deserve it!

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