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Your Horoscope For The Fiery Snow Full Moon in Leo 2023 Is Here

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by Conscious Reminder

The first full snow moon for the year will be completely visible on the 6th of February at around 6.28 pm GMT.

Since this is quite a significant astronomical event, it will indeed have a different kind of emotion in all the zodiac signs. The Moon, as we know, does represent the deepest and innermost emotions in human beings. Also, the movement of this body around our planet does cause shifts in the temperament of all the zodiacs. 

The Importance of the Snow Moon on the Zodiac


The snow moon will be settling in Leo, which will be quite a great point in time for you and your relationships. Now, you will be able to let the juices within you flow smoothly without any problems. Interestingly, you could possibly pick up a hobby out of the blue and start excelling at it- the snow moon has been known to delve into extremities like this. Needless to say, this is the time for you to grow and glow. 


The energy of the Full Moon will bring a transformative element into your life. You could now start thinking about expanding your family. In fact, you could also create a home after you have spent the last few months of your life in total hibernation. All you need to do is make sure that you have an open mind to all the experiences around you. 


You could possibly use this period under the Full Moon to make a whole bunch of friends. One could also use this mutable sign in order to expand their social circle. Before we know it, you might be committing yourselves to a community project- something that you would love. 


The light of the Full Moon will allow you to focus entirely on improving your finances during this cold moon phase. One could also see them as being quite optimistic in their resources to start maximizing the financial gain, as well as bring in a wholly constructive change in the behavior to start aligning with a completely next goal. 


Since this sign has the notoriety of being quite narcissistic, they would be using this energy to gear up completely. You should expect one to be all fired up with the vivacious energy that the Full Moon will provide. There is a possibility that they would also start letting go of their insecurities and vulnerabilities that could be stopping them from reaching their potential. 


The energy of the Full Moon might make this sign recede back into its shell because it is time for introspection. They could have some trouble dealing with their emotions- something that they will be doing quietly. It is somewhat advised that one should start meditating as it will help them acclimatize to their thoughts in a proper way. 


A Libra wants all the attention on them all the time, but the energy of the Full Moon will put the spotlight on others for a change. And this will be the time for a Libra to see who amongst their friends are fair-weather friends, and who are there for the long haul. Despite this zodiac being incredibly sociable, this will be the time for them to get to a distance and gauge things around them. 


The energy from the cold moon will help the water sign greatly. They would, in fact, be encouraged to communicate with the universe- as it will help them deal with all their issues. 


The time is out for rest and relaxation. You have worked a lot over this period, and now you need to take a break to retrospect on the things that you achieved. 


The Full Moon will give you some much-needed break after the intense period you went through over the last six months. Take the break- you deserve it!


This could be quite a path-breaking shift for Aquarius. While they are usually quite detached and uninterested in the goings-on of people around them, the energy from the Snow Moon could make them truly care for people. 


You have all the information you need to live a life without any worry. Why don’t you take a step back, and start enjoying the fruits of your labor?

So, what does the Snow Moon have in store for you? Tell us in the comments below!

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