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Venus Goes Direct At The Same Time When Mercury Turns Retrograde, But There’s No Room For Panic

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The universe won’t let us rest will it? The answer, for now, is definitely NO.

Venus has been in retrograde for quite a long time now. It is no wonder that the number of breakups of so-called forever couples has gone up around me.

That’s the things with retrogrades; It can make or break things, no matter what the underlying intention is.

Mercury is the planet which retrogrades most frequently. It is the smallest of planets and has the smallest orbit, which makes it retrograde a whopping four times a year.

A retrograde causes the ruling principle of a planet to go haywire; in this case, Mercury is the messenger planet, and when it goes retrograde, it simply causes miscommunication.

It also rules thinking dominantly, which makes its retrogrades bad times for new projects, especially new relationships.

But given that everyone deals with about four of those all year round, it is safe to say that things do end up okay if handled with prudence and patience.

November 16 will not be an astrologically passive day.

This is because, Venus, our cosmic love-mistress, will come direct, that is, she will stop retrograding.

Fun fact, it is on the same day that Mercury will start re-retrograding.

What is more, Mercury will start reversing through the constellation of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius of all signs!

This is going to be the month of drama. Sagittarius as it is, is one of the more conniving of signs. They are outrageously free; I use the adjective knowingly.

They can do anything to get out of commitment. And they won’t think twice before blaming you when things go south.

Imagine that sign being activated by the negative influence of the planet of communication.

The erstwhile journey of Venus through the obsessive Scorpio into the charming, virginal Libra has definitely defined your thought process this last month. You must have been compelled to reevaluate your life choices and your self-worth.

One thing however, given Sagittarians think very clearly, the messenger in that sign can help relay that clarity of thought into you. Sagittarius has often been called philosophical in its ways which is true given how noncommittal it is.

The clarity will however not be relayed in real time. See that’s where the effects of retrograde movements come in. There will be distortion, there will be parallax, there will be miscommunication.

One must be patient with the deeper things and chill with the little things in life. The bigger picture should be the focus now, the very milestone of being a Sagittarian.

Also, word of warning to Leos: Mercury will be stationed in your fifth house, the house that rules creativity. The retrograde will possibly plunge you into your worst bout of writer’s block.

You will have to be patient. Lay off of being the grade-A d*** to people that gets you off.

Get off your high horse and play in the hay. Literally.

Having fun, kicking the shoes off and emptying your beer might just work in your favour. Since you are the leader you think you are, why not use adversity (read: Mercury retrograde) to your advantage and have some real-time recreation?

Capricorn, you are in for a ride too. Mercury will pass through your 12th chamber.

This will do two things: give you some vivid dreams and making them harder than usual to interpret.

The only friend you will have on this will be your gut, the same voice in your head that forewarns you of things to come. Trust your inner instinct.

That’s all we can tell you.

Also, lastly, Aquarians, you might bump into old friends.

Conclusion: PATIENCE.

Grab a chill pill. Seriously y’all. It’s a happening month, don’t let that get you down.

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