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Today’s Virgo Full Moon Is An Alchemist Of Pure Transformation

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

On the 19th February, the Virgo Full Moon is going to take place. It’s an interesting alignment as it connects with some major planets like Venus and Mercury. It brings a lot of transformations in our lives, both on a personal level as well as on a social level.

The Full Moon will be on the first degree of Virgo and it will stand in opposition to the Sun which will be in the first degree of Pisces. This signifies a major polarity.

The polarity is useful because it engages our attention to little details of our material life which is the realm of Virgo, along with the cosmic awareness and consciousness which is the realm of Pisces.

It is during this period that we must find a way to form a bridge between these two sides of us – the physical and the spiritual.

The Great Union

The question now is: we live in a material world, so how are we going to respond to the cosmic calling when we are engaged in simple materialistic activities like eating our breakfast? Now, look at it from a global point of view.

We have blocked ourselves from any kind of spiritual awakening and have taken the way of greed. We can already see the terrors that this greed has brought on all of us – from pollution to corruption, to the increasing temperature of the earth.

It almost feels like we are helpless. Things have gone too far and there is nothing we can do to roll it back to the way it was, once upon a time. But on the other hand, we are astrologically empowered and we know that if we try, we can do something about it.

The Planet Eris

Eris, the new planet, supports you in this motive. The Feminine warrior makes us understand that we have to believe in ourselves and our principles, without worrying what will happen. We have to understand what we can do and take the necessary action.

Do the best we can. Maybe, it’s a small difference that we could make, but in this world, even a small difference is a lot. And that is what Eris makes us realize and understand.

Waiting For Something New

The characteristics that Pisces contain is also shared by Neptune, which happens to be the ruler of Pisces. This contrast is interesting because of that.

It ties the logical planets like Mercury (the ruler of Virgo) that helps in the logical activities and the right brain activities because of Pisces and Neptune.

As the Full Moon is coming in conjunct with both Neptune and Mercury, it shows a kind of connection between our non-linear and linear thoughts which could bring us to a cosmological understanding. The Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter interaction, as well as Venus, also shows that we are at a divisive point.

The triple conjunction will be successful in the late 2020 but, as of now, there will be a parallel alignment of Saturn and Jupiter with Pluto, and Venus will be present between Pluto and Saturn. The configuration shows that massive changes are coming our way.

The Planet Calls

Eris is also quite close to becoming square with the rebirth and death themes of Pluto. Plus, Makemake and Haumea energies should be considered in the present and through 2020.

These are planets which are earth-oriented will be emphasized during this Full Moon alignment, bringing us closer to our earthly consciousness and actions. Global warming, climate change, and issues affecting our planets will come to the forefront during this period.

The universe will be undergoing massive changes and you shall be a part of it. So be prepared and make the best of it. Best of luck.

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