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Balance Your Crown Chakra To Unlock Greater Levels Of Awareness

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Our instinct tells us to protect our heads whenever we sense the slightest of danger.

If the physical manifestation is so important to our consciousness, the spiritual importance of it must be great too, right? Crown Chakra is the most important Chakra for our soul and body.

It is very important that the entirety of our Chakra system remains active and in harmony. Any imbalance has the potential to wreak havoc!

When you know how to take care of the most important Chakra, balancing the rest becomes easier. This seventh Chakra is driven by our consciousness.

This consciousness helps us connect with our immediate environment and the Universe better.

Located at the top of the head, this Chakra radiates outwards. Thus, the “crown”. When we learn to activate this Chakra and work with it, it can help us in transcending our physical barriers to align better with our true form. Since it is the most important one, activating it requires the most work as well.

If growth is your target in life and if you want to have greater clarity about your path of life, balancing the Crown Chakra is important. The balance will help you take on the unknown challenges and overcome them like a pro.

A well-balanced Crown Chakra makes us more intuitive and pragmatic. The veil of fantasy is thin and we have the ability to perceive reality as opposed to what we might want it to look like.

Like all the Chakras, for Crown Chakra too, there are specific techniques that can be practiced to balance it. The Crown Chakra balancing meditation can help your energies flow better. Relaxation is the key.

Crown Chakra Meditation Method

Choose a safe place. Sit on the floor. Be comfortable and take proper breaths. Initially, use a couple of minutes to free your mind and let go of worldly thoughts.

Once relaxed, ask guidance from your inner self. Ask to be guided through the life-path ahead and be prepared to embrace whatever may come.

Imagine your energies exuding from your body to reach the Crown. Make this energy flow freely and let it be contained at the top of your head. Make this energy vibrate with the energy of the Universe.

You need to invest 10 minutes for each session. And you can perform multiple sessions in a day. As you get used to the method, you could add stuff like crystals or colors which are associated with the Chakra.

The better you can balance your Crown Chakra, the greater will be your awareness. Happiness would come naturally to you and you will have the ability to find the good in everything around you. You will find deeper meaning in life and this will help you become all the more aware and conscious.

Keep meditating to stay happy!

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