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Venus Is In Scorpio And This Is What It Means For Your Love Life

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by Conscious Reminder

This period is interesting because, on one hand, you have Venus which believes in gentle love, while Scorpio brings out the intensity with which you love.

So, here’s the horoscope for love when Venus is in Scorpio.


You might not be able to control your emotions anymore, as they threaten to burst forth. But, remember that you taking the sensuous way is simply another way of pressing the brakes in a relationship. Although, we can understand why you are doing it- considering Venus’ position in your chart. You might also fall in love deeply with someone who you don’t really know, yet you are sure of your feelings.


We know you have grown tired of people simply coming in and treating you like second fiddle. But hold on to your horses, for this month is going to be great for you. You simply have to let go of this sentiment that everyone who hits on you or flirts with you, is going to be your soul mate!


You really need to start paying attention to people around you, for you never know when you might meet someone who takes your breath away. Be it at the dentist’s or the doctor’s, unless you start paying attention to the things around you, you wouldn’t be able to fill that gaping hole in your heart. Who knows, you might even suddenly get attracted to someone you knew for long!


This period would be perfect for you to express your feelings to someone without making it emotionally taxing. Those amped up feelings that you get can be dealt with successfully. Your sensitivity and individuality get recognized by people all around.


Venus moves in your sign, where you would find someone you can confidently refer to as your own. But you need to get off your privacy horse and actually meet people that you want in your life. You could also try focusing on the mistakes that you have been making in your relationship and not repeat them here. Also, you need to have your mom’s approval for any guy that you date.


You might find someone sharing the same quirks as you do, which you would find very hot. It doesn’t always have to be about looks. Also, you would be hanging out a lot with your homies, which is going to keep you a great deal happy.


Confidence is attractive, and someone is going to prove that to you. You just have to give it some time and you would find someone telling you how your charisma depends on your confidence. You will be more money-minded this season and into material possessions.


Since you are about to start swinging, you could try taking some rest before. It doesn’t hurt either to whet yourself before getting back into the game. Don’t think that love can come to you if you don’t really try- get your head into the dating circle, and see if you can find the perfect one for you. Maybe it is time that you ditch the lover that has been dragging you down.


We know you are simply going to scoff if we tell you that love is just around the corner for you. But that is the truth whether you believe it or not. Maybe your needs aren’t being met for the time being, but you would be finding everything perfect soon. Don’t lose hope, although loud mouths have always been a perennial turn off for you.


You don’t care much for looks and it isn’t easy to turn you on either. You are strong and formidable and you always look for substance in someone. If someone is out of your league, you jump right in to prove your worth and your charm.


It is unfortunate that even though you usually seek for people who aren’t controlling or manipulative, the sad travesty is that you always attract them. You might get a pay raise, so cheers for that.


You don’t like people without substance, even if they might draw at your heartstrings. Although you usually leave things to fate, you are believing in Venus’s philosophies now.

So, what is your romance for the next week like?

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