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Tonight’s Full Moon Is In Leo And Things Can Get Heated

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By Conscious Reminder

The best way to start a new year is here- the Full Wolf Moon on the 28th of January.

The Moon will be in Leo’s first degree, so you might as well get ready to howl at the lunar cycle. The peak of the Full Moon will be on the 28th of January at around 7:16 pm UTC.

The name ‘Full Wolf Moon’ has a very interesting etymological story. In medieval times, the Native American tribes used to refer to this Full Moon as the Full Wolf Moon simply because they found wolves surrounding their camps at night. This Moon has other names, such as the Moon After Yule and the Old Moon.

At this point in time, you would find packs of wolves that are out in the open- eager to feast and let go of the hunger that they experienced in the lean months of winter. Previously, these wolves roamed quite a few parts of both the United States and Europe. And since the tribes lived very close to the land, they held the wolves in high regard.

Influence Of The Full Moon On Matters Of The Heart

Now, back to the present. With this being the beginning of one’s year, it is important that you put your intentions out to be illuminated by the light of the Moon. Interestingly, quite a few people consider the Full Moon to have a much deeper meaning. And let this be said- no time like the present to understand your inner wolf. A way to do that would be to use every single Full Moon on the way as a checkpoint.

After the Full Moon, wipe your slate clean- it is time to begin anew. With the Full Moon, you start birthing an idea in your head- which needs to be manifested by the next Full Moon.

Another way would be to set up a ritual that would help save your loved ones along with your home. All you need to do is light a candle and put your prayers in the open. Remember to make it heartfelt- so that the Universe can hear it in your voice.

The Full Moon brings power with itself- and this has always been one of the best nights for any sort of spiritual reading- for your energy will be at its peak now. Use the Moon to take a picture of the life you live currently, along with the notion of where to go in the future.

Also, you need to keep in mind that you don’t actually need to see the Moon in order to make requests. The thing is simple- you don’t need to actually look at the Moon to send your thoughts and prayers out in the Universe- the Moon is always present for you. It exists- even if you aren’t able to see it.

It doesn’t matter what your Moon sign could be- for every single person will be facing the influence of the Leo Full Moon. As the Moon starts moving towards Leo- you will always feel a push towards letting people know exactly what you feel about them.

You will be more inclined to open up about your true feelings, along with appreciating their presence in your life. You could also use the time to bring your romance to a completely new level.

Full Moons are about bringing in proper endings and closures to your life. They also flash a sign at an apt time- for you to sit up, notice, and start working on the deeds that you would be able to use in the next Full Moon.

Remember, this Moon isn’t just about bringing your emotions to the front- rather, it is about bringing you closer to people. No wonder this period is a pretty good time to build upon your relationships and matters that belong to the heart.

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