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Unlike In Movies, Awakening In Real Life Is Not Glamorous But It Is Enlightening

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

If you are watching a film or reading a book, you will be mesmerized by how fast a character can transform.

The awakening builds up fast, it comes suddenly like magic and then, it transforms the person completely. Now, that person is not who they were before. They have changed for the better.

However, in real life, awakenings are not so easy. Yes, it can be dramatic, but that drama will only result in pain.

Awakening and the transformation that ensues will be slow and very painful. It won’t occur in one day as it does on the screen. And there would be times when you’d wish it did not happen.

But then, you will slowly feel the power of enlightenment, take the lessons as they come and move forward. Through hell, you will create your own paradise and become the hero of your tale. Unlike movies, there is no time jump-cuts in your life – you will have to live through every second of the awakening process.


The TV screen might make you feel like awakenings are glamorous. But no – they’re not delightful. They can be pretty brutal. There will be moments when you wish to call ‘time-out’ and take the time to heal, but you won’t be allowed that spare time.

Out of nowhere, you will find your friend list becoming shorter. The most trusted friends are leaving your side. You will be torn to shreds from the inside but there will be no one to comfort you during these periods.

No one except you. You have to get your tired body up, tie your pieces together into a passable rag, and then move forward with it. It’s going to be hard, but you know you have to do it.

But thankfully, there is one good thing about an awakening – it brings out the genuine you. You will realize how strong you are. You will know who your real friends are. You will have revealed the masks of the toxic and terrible people in your life.

Things are different for you now. Self-growth will become your sole motive. You will realize the answers to difficult questions like what makes you happy.

But It’s Going To Be Difficult

Awakenings are messy. They are powerful and will bring you to a higher level of self when you go through it. Once you know your own real self, you will know that no one will be controlling you.

You are responsible for everything that is happening to you now. Be determined and go through this process, however hard it appears. Soon enough, you will find that no one will be able to stop you.

Be yourself – these changes should not change who you are within. Re-own your life and take it in your hands and live through it. You will be a much stronger person in that way.

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