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What Are Dream Catchers And How Do They Work?

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by Conscious Reminder

Originating in Chippewa Nation, dream catchers are essential if you plan on avoiding nightmares.

You will have the best and most wonderful dreams if you have a beautiful dream catcher hanging just above your head while you sleep peacefully.

Native Americans treated them as handmade crafts: it has a circular hoop, traditionally made from willow. It is woven with a web of yarn and then decorated with feathers and beads. The feathers can hang below the loops, mostly 3 in number.

Though a product of the Ojibwa/Chippewa Nation, it later got intermingled with the culture of Native Americans. Now everyone knows them as a product of the Natives.

Traditionally, people used to hang dream catchers as children slept to protect them from evil spirits and nightmares.

Legends mention how the spider web kind of design was meant to let good dreams pass. They would go through the web, trickle down the beads and slide down the feathers softly to reach the sleeping children.

Only bad dreams would get caught in the catcher’s web. The sun’s first rays would make the negative dreams disappear, thereby protecting the children all night.

Apart from this interpretation, there are some more. Many believe the bad dreams are supposed to pass through the web and they would exit from a window nearby. And the good dreams would be caught in the web, sliding down to the children fast asleep.

No matter how people believed dream catchers to work, the symbolism remains constant. They are here to protect us. 

The many who believe in its power hold on to the idea of how it is meant to filter our dreams and sort the negative ones out. The objective of a dream catcher is to let only the good ones reach our soul.

The traditional design of a dream catcher has 8 points of attachments. The web is supposed to attach to the hoop at these 8 points which represent the same number of legs in a spider. Spiders are held as symbols of learning, wisdom, and energy.

But not just dreams, many Native Americans also treated dream catchers as totems. They were thought to be totems of good and positive energy.

They were supposed to have the power to neutralize the negative energies around us, even when you’re awake.

Though varied in its interpretation, this ancient object has retained its popularity. They are pretty to look at with all their vibrant threads, beads, and pretty feathers.

The brighter they are, the more positive energy they can attract. So what are you waiting for? Go make one for yourself and enjoy the happy dreams!

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