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Connecting With Your Soul Mate In Your Dreams Even Before You Meet Them

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When you are away from your Soul Mate, it is natural to see them in your dreams. But is it possible that you see them in your dreams even before you have met them?

The thing about Soul Mates is that you don’t have to physically meet them in this world or in this lifetime.

They are essentially a part of your soul. So no matter where they are or if they are just another stranger for you until now, you can still meet them in your dreams.

Remember that dream when you were dancing with a stranger or giggling to your heart’s content? The person’s face was not familiar, yet you felt a wave of nostalgia? Like you have known them forever and are currently spending your life with them?

That total sense of accepting this apparent stranger, the overwhelming feeling of love, and warmth fill you up. And when you wake up from the dream, the memory lingers. You keep thinking about this ‘stranger’ until one day you actually meet them in this physical world.

When you have such dreams, you feel like you found your eternal love. A relationship beyond time. Dreams about your Soul Mate are about the encounter of the two hearts and souls. A connection we all seek, yet only a few are lucky to get.

Some people can also dream about the person they are destined to marry. People who keep seeing their Soul Mate in their dreams have the face imprinted in their minds.

Yet when they embark on the journey to search for this stranger, they often return alone. Only the fortunate ones get to finally meet their Soul Mates after weeks or even months of such dreams.

Your Soul Mate Also Dreams About You

Did you really think you would be seeing your Soul Mate so many times, but they won’t see you in their dreams? The connection Soul Mates share is stronger than we can understand. Hence, when one dreams about their Soul Mate, the person on the other side also sees them in their dreams.

Can you build romance out of this dream courtship? Of course, you can! You can start by journaling your dreams each time. Write down every detail that you can remember after waking up. Make it so detailed that you can easily return to those perfect moments whenever you want!

And when you start recording, you might even find some useful information. If you two have not met yet, they might be guiding you down the path that leads to your union.

If you are already in a relationship with your Soul Mate, the dreams could be a means of communication for the two souls. Is there something lacking in the relationship? Does your partner need some space? Your dreams could provide hints and answers to many such waking questions.

In another scenario, you could be in a relationship with one person, but they are not your Soul Mate. but your dreams, in such cases, might show you how they are way more than you perceive them to be. Maybe the imperfections you consider in them are exactly what you need to reach your own potential.

Twin Flame Blessing

Remember, just because you are dreaming about your Soul Mate does not mean they are walking this earth at this moment.

Maybe this is not the cycle where you get to meet physically. But you can always take the help of rituals to seek your Twin Flame blessing.

The Twin Flame blessing is a boon. It brings the love, warmth, and healing of your Soul Mate into your current relationship. It can give you the satisfaction of the presence of your Soul Mate in your present relationship.

Even if you cannot meet your Soul Mate just yet, don’t forget that you will always have their love and blessings. They are watching over you, no matter where they are.

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