11:11 — Have You Been Seeing It Everywhere?

by Conscious Reminder

It takes place in even the most prosaic of lives. Things out of the ordinary happen like the long-lost song that we continue hearing or when we glance at our watch to find that it shows 11:11, or even the voice we keep hearing in our head.

We dismiss it the first time but when it keeps occurring, we realize that these are not normal occurrences. It is the way of the spirits and angels to get through to us.

It has become a common occurrence as people keep seeing the same numbers every day and in every place. It could be a road sign, a page number or the television.

It is a strong possibility of an exceptional happening that is the result of a transformation in sensibility and mindfulness which makes us supremely knowledgeable of our perceptions and contemplations.

Renowned angel therapist and psychic medium, Doreen says that seeing the identical numbers repeatedly prompts to us the need to focus on the power of positivity to achieve our desires.

Focussing our mind on the truly positive desires and not on fear will spiritually spur the angels and other celestial beings to support and reward you.

The number is exceptionally meaningful. The angels are telling you that you will be rewarded with a heightened sense of consciousness and realization. It is the angels telling us that there exists an elevated level of prudence and wisdom in difficult times.

The frequency of your sightings will only go up when the guiding spirits and angels are connecting with you strongly.

The turning of the ages began on December 21, 2012, at exactly 11:11 as per the Mayan calendar. This is the dawn of the New Age when the Dark Age in left behind and we are led to the Golden Age where an authentic shift in human consciousness will take place.

Another notable feature is that there are four numbers in 11:11 which add up to the give us the number four. 4 represents transformation and the dissolution of our ego.

Though there are other interpretations of this number, spiritual leaders are unanimous that the ascended masters are back here on earth to assist in the process of healing and to reorienting the planet.

If you are rewarded by the sight of the numbers 11:11, stay assured that the angels and spirits are always there to support you.

Be careful to avoid any semblance of negativity when you see this number. Focus on affecting positive changes that pervade your life.

Letting loose the strands of self-control permits chaos to enter our world. This is a message that it is time for you to take control, by the proper use of the powers within you.

The gift of living here on earth in these momentous times will reward us with small but immensely significant changes that will guide us to grand healing and transformation.

Things might seem difficult but your trust in the higher beings should never waiver. Look for the many answers of Life from the powers of our Universe as it is only their power that can heal your soul.

Realign your focus, alter your thoughts, and act towards the path on which you wish to embark in life.

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