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Pisces New Moon Will Feel Like A Walk In The Park For These 3 Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

The sign of Pisces is actually the dreamiest one of all the other signs, and when our moon falls in such sign of the Zodiac, we will be forced to understand that the world is more beautiful and much stranger than every one of us can imagine.

Our moon loves it when it is in this sign, and we cannot blame her. These are the three Zodiac signs which are going to experience this New Moon falling in Pisces in the best possible way: Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer.

This New Moon is expected to be an incredibly positive and magical one. Appearing on the night sky on the 6th of March, this New Moon is going to be filled with confidence building, creative satisfaction, and future commitments.

Pisces is the sign which insatiably desires romance, art, and love, so we should feed our souls with poetry as much as we can find.

The lunation is also going to form the sextile with the courageous planet Mars, and the hardworking planet Saturn, giving us the discipline and energy to continue rising from our failures. Regardless of how we feel, we should trust that we are on the right way to greatness.

Cancer – dreaming about exciting places and people

The New Moon is going to set the people born under this sign off on new adventures as it will take place in their spontaneous ninth house of philosophy. This will be their time to open their mind and also see the different perspectives in front of them.

This may be the start of culturally enriching opportunities for traveling, or learning experiences, and even an overall excitement and interest in the creating of new memories or opening their heart to the surprising and exciting side of life.

For those of them that were living in their box or were constructing themselves with some limiting ideas, the New Moon in Pisces is going to blast through all the walls that surround them and also show them different ways of living.

They should get ready for their beliefs to actually be alerted or even for seeing the world much colorful than they did before.

Scorpio – Feeling like small kids once again

At the time when the New Moon will lend in their fifth house which is of pleasure and fun, these people born under Scorpio will be on their way of bringing very creative and joyful time in their life. Some brilliant ideas are going to flood their psyche, so they should not let them be thrown in the garbage.

They can feel inspired to make music, poetry or art out of their lives. They can even feel pulled to live in the now, find fun in things, or treat themselves to everything that makes them feel good.

So, this should remind them that it is necessary to have fun, as it is good for their overall health and wellbeing, as working a lot or not playing enough will just hold them back.

One thing they should worry about achieving during the New Moon will be freeing their inner child. They should let themselves enjoy their life as they did when they were kids.

Pisces – Feeling proud of those they have become

As this New Moon occurs in this sign, the people who are born under it will take their confidence, identity, and presence to new and different heights. This will be their chance to put themselves out there or make changes in their way of sending energy out in this world.

Also, this can be the time they should take in consideration when they think about making changes in their appearance, or try new ventures, and put themselves out there. People see them in new lights, so in what light they would like to be seen in?

They should also embrace the boost in inner transformation and self-acceptance. They should permit it to reshape their idea of who they are and even who they are going to become. They will have a lot in front of them.

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