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Learn To Talk Less: Your DNA Is Listening

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Small talk can lead to great loss of energy, especially when we talk about our emotions.  

When there’s something new going on in your life, try this method: don’t talk to anyone about it, even if you feel a great desire and need to share it with others.

When something happens, keep it for yourself, and you will save your strength and the potential that the ongoing situation is carrying.

Even when someone is trying to get you engaged in their stories, stay calm and command your emotions – that way you won’t allow others to control you through your feelings. Practicing this will confuse such person and give you more power.

But in fact, you just abstained. Words and thoughts affect our lives equally, DNA recognizes thoughts the way it does human speech. Also, what we read affects the DNA molecules: they get acoustic and light information.

Reading in silence leaves traces in the cores of our cells by following electromagnetic channels: one text stimulates our inherited apparatus, while another traumatizes it.

The words of a prayer wake up the potential and activate the resources of the genetic apparatus, while curses disrupt the normal development of the organism.

The genetic apparatus is not indifferent to what we think or what books we read: everything is embedded in the genome that changes the lifestyle of each cell in one or the other direction. Some words can lead to cancer, and other words can lead to healing.

When you say or think, “I’m fat,” you get more pounds. If you say “I’m skinny,” you may even start to feel worse because the word “skinny” also has a negative meaning: “bad”, “insufficient”. Say, “I’m thinner,” and then this form of thought will have a positive impact on you.

I bad things aren’t happening, it is very important not to think of them; even more important is that you do not talk about them. It hasn’t been said ‘Said and Done’ for nothing – an execution program has been activated.

Shouting at someone, cursing them, insulting them, not only influences their life field, but also yours. You are unknowingly destroying your subtle energy and drawing the same curse upon yourself and your children.

By replacing negative thoughts and words with positive one, you create a bubble of love and positivity around yourselves that many negative things will not be able to penetrate.

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