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Tonight’s Spectacular Worm Supermoon Is Taking Faith To Another Level

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by Conscious Reminder

Today, the March Full Supermoon is set to rise in the sign of Virgo.

This Moon has a lot of energy around it, especially those of the Mercury Retrograde and of being the first supermoon of the year. Tomorrow, Mercury will turn Direct bringing a short relief to us all and this aids the Moon as well.

Come 19th March, we will be officially welcoming Spring 2020 with major energy shifts. New beginnings of Spring are linked with today’s Moon too.

The planetary positions and movements around the full moon herald a positive period that carries the potential of good luck and fortune, faith and trust, especially the trine aspect to Jupiter, the biggest benefic among the planets.

We will seek order out of chaos and have the urge to organize everything. But what we must remember is that life flows on its own terms. Our expectations and the need to control can be quite irrelevant. So why not practice tolerance and try to accept life with all its imperfections?

The March Full Moon has multiple names as it signifies the change from Winter to Spring. Known as the Worm Moon primarily, it is also called the Storm Moon and the Crow Moon.

These are the names Native Americans assigned to the Moon and each name has its own explanation. Being the last Full Moon of Winter, the crow caws to bid farewell to the season.

Crows are believed to represent justice, change, shape-shifting, creativity, balance, community sharing, and spiritual strength.

Also called the Full Crust Moon, this is a reference to how the snow turns crusty since it thaws in the day time and freezes at night.

The Full Worm Moon, which is the Algonquian name, refers to how the thawed ground becomes soft enough for earthworms to emerge.

This also calls back the robins. Another variation is the name of Sap Moon which is a reference to how this is the time to tap maple trees.

The Celts called it the Moon of Winds and the Chaste Moon. The settlers also called it the Lenten Moon, considering it to be the last Winter Full Moon.

This Full Moon night is a good time to reflect on our journey so far and let our inner energies guide us ahead. Tune into your energies to gain awareness and clarity. Ask the Moon to help you make changes in your life.

Why not start preparing for Spring now? You can start by cleansing your spirit. In the physical realm, clean your closet and sleeping area. Get rid of old receipts and papers too. Clean the path to usher Spring in the coming days.

This year Spring comes a bit early with the earliest Spring Equinox of the century on 19th March. As day and night equalize, we should try to balance our lives. Let go of useless thoughts and allow new and positive energy to flow in your life.

As the natural world wakes up once again, we will get to enjoy the bounties of nature. As vitality returns to the world, look to the green lands and flourishing wildlife for inspiration.

This is the season of merriment as families gather and share feasts from the gifts of nature. As we reconnect with nature, why not practice a ritual or two to give thanks for all it offers? Simply express your gratitude and prepare for Summer and the harvest season!

Connect with the Great Spirit too during this Full Worm Moon and honor the Moon. You will see your spirits rising!

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