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If You Want Success, Never Share Your Dreams And Aspirations

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Don’t ever tell anybody about your plans, wishes, and dreams. Be silent about them. Believe that you have everything you need.

You know yourself way better than anybody else. You have the innate compass that leads you through life.

Be at peace with everything that’s been created for you and put on your path. Don’t rush things. You don’t want everything happening right now, at the same moment. Be grateful for the moment you live in. Be peaceful and don’t get into arguments that disrupt your inner peace.
No one will see you with your own eyes – not even the image you’ve created for yourself is real. Let go of the need to show yourself to others in the light of that image, when those people only see the world through their own eyes and it appears as ‘real’ to them as it does to you.
Don’t lose your balance by explaining yourself. Don’t waste your energy on words to show and prove to somebody that you are not what they see.
You worked hard to get where you are now. You gave up a lot in life because you chose to commit. No one and nothing is more important than your inner peace – that harmonious connection with the unlimited intelligence, with what you really are.
Other people are the same, but they might be hijacked by their own minds and they can’t see it. Get rid of the forms and patterns that control how things are done and be fearless.
Your freedom and support come from within. They are unconditional and bring people with similar vibrations to you. You don’t always have to be right and convince people of Who You Are.
Who cares? And is it really worth it to lose what’s holy inside of you because of some argument, someone else’s approval of you as a good person?
You have the right over your feelings and they could be your most valuable sign to show the right path for you. You’ve got the right to say NO to the pattern that’s being imposed on you- a pattern you, as an ‘enlightened’ person, should fit.
You have the right to be angry, to lie, to forget, to be free, to be uncomfortable, and to stand up for what’s divine in you so you can spare yourself from people who seem to have good intentions. You’re not doing anybody a favor if you mess up your energy and give it away to those who feed on it.
No one could ever change you, so it means that your presence won’t change anybody either. Don’t worry that much of other people, take care of yourself.
Nothing is worth your efforts to try to prove your inner state to somebody who can’t understand you.
Say thank you! Say thank you for the moments of explosive situations when something bigger than you saved you from sinking even deeper. Say thank you that it happened now and not in the future moment when you practically die trying to be and prove something you’re not.
Say thank you for making everything as clear as a sunny day, and if you don’t know how to continue alone, ask for help. Move away from the source of the pain, surround yourself with energy that lifts you up, pray for the situation to be resolved.
Understand that you can’t control everything and everybody, but you need to learn to master your emotions. Try to be strong and emotionally disciplined to move away from everything that hurts your energetic body, your inner child and everything else that makes you stressed and tense.
Life is strange and tempts you the same way it did before. Resist the temptations, don’t fall for the “help” that you’ve been offered, which looks pretty but it’s a completely different energy, dressed up to lure you in. You’re not somebody else. No one else is you. Life is setting you free from the drama and pain that you took part in – so now help yourself.
Harmony is possible even though the old You took the bait of the excitement brought by stress and fighting. Forgive. Forgive yourself and others for all the unpleasant things you caused to one another and move on.
Don’t deny love only because you found yourself in a well-known situation of stress and chaos. You’re still worth it. You still deserve the best. You’re still a loving part of the universe whose natural state is peace.
No matter what happens, may older dysfunctional energetic ties that this toxic relationship had created be removed from all the states of your being. May you be filled with healing energy and may the heavenly light protect you so the only thing present in your life is love.
You’ve got the right to disconnect from the environment that lowers your vibration and drains your energy.  Let go of everything that’s been holding you back and start moving up, where you belong.
You allowed yourself to forget and that’s okay. Now lift yourself up where you belong and be grateful for the lesson you learned.

In peace with yourself and in harmony with the Universe, may you find Divine Bliss, here and now.

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