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Today’s Taurus New Moon Opens Another Powerful 444 Energy Portal

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by Conscious Reminder

Two major occurrences will take place on 22.04.20 that will bring major life and perspective changes. Firstly, Taurus New Moon will be taking place today at 10:26 EST.

Secondly, the 444 portal, known for its high frequency and the ability to fulfill wishes and dreams, will be opening for the third time, today, 22.04.2020 (2+2/4/2+0+2+0). The 444 portal first opened on 04.04.2020 ( (4/4/2+0+2+0) and then again on 13.04.2020 (1+3/4/2+0+2+0).

The New Moon’s arrival, along with the opening of the 444 portal, indicates new beginnings. Have you been experiencing a change in your perspective? Does your future seem clearer?

This is because of the opening of the powerful 444 portal at the onset of this month. With the New Moon’s arrival, the purpose of 444 has only strengthened. The 444 portal is here to help us to deal with the shifts and changes in life.

Wrapped in grounding Taurus energies, this portal will encourage us to wait patiently for brighter things to happen in the future for which we have been working. The 444 portal’s finale is today. It means that we should make our life goals clearer. We should invest time in being creative, observe, reflect, and meditate.

Taurus’s New Moon Is All Connecting with Mother Earth

Taurus’s New Moon is encouraging new shifts in our life. These new shifts will help in the revival of the planet.

It is pushing us towards realizing our dreams. Several changes in life may be noticed during this period. Taurus’s New Moon will help us to think for the greater good of mankind and not just ourselves.

It will fill our hearts with an appreciation for ourselves as well as for mankind as a whole. The New Moon will help us set our sails. As we build the path to reach our goals, the New Moon is here to help us through.

Until we set the sail, nature won’t provide us with the wind to move forward. The Moon represents our subconscious, feelings, and emotions, but the Sun enhances our focus and awareness, assists in aligning our subconscious with the conscious awareness.

This is the time to pause and observe. It is time to realize that we are the midpoint between earth and heaven.

The powerful aspect of this situation is that physical bodies are pulling us towards the planet, and there’s a spirit that moves through us. Make use of this power now.

We all are different and unique in our own way. Let’s imagine that The earth is our soil and we are the seeds growing on it. Some seeds will grow up to be trees, steady, and withstanding of any situation.

But some seeds may grow up to be flowers. Flowers die and are reborn with the seasons. Our uniqueness is what preserves our individuality.

Tauras’s New Moon will help us make the well-being of Gaia our center of attention. If we consider ourselves to be the seeds, then the garden we are growing in is the Gaia. The health of the garden will affect the health of the plant. Thus, we need to understand the importance of the planet’s health, and that negligence towards it can hinder our growth.

As the New Moon is ready to arrive, be ready to welcome life changes with open arms. It might be uncomfortable and scary at first, but soon you will realize it was worth it.

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