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Which 4 Zodiac Signs Will Be Most Affected By Today’s Flower SuperMoon?

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by Conscious Reminder

The May Flower Moon is rising as we prepare to bid adieu to Spring. As the Full Moon shines bright on the 7th of May, 2020, it will illuminate our hidden desires and secrets.

This is the influence of Scorpio under which the Moon will be positioning. Emotions have been building up, and this is the catharsis we need.

Intimate relationships will be in focus now as we discover new truths. There is also a hint of spirituality, with the added influence of Neptune’s positive aspect with the Moon.

Let’s see which 4 zodiac signs will be most affected by this May Flower Moon:


Being the only Full Moon this Taurus season, it is bound to have a major impact on you. Impacting your house of partnerships, the Moon will give you an emotional rush, which could lead to some major decision making. The Moon’s light will help you see things with clarity.


The May Flower Moon will highlight your past baggage, and it won’t be easy to cope with. Take steady steps to reach the root cause of this mess. Go for some alone time away from the moonlight and unwind.


Rising in your sign, the Full Moon will give you the push needed to reach new heights. Reconnect with your own desires, and you will see them manifesting soon. Let your creativity flow. The Moon will help you make the most of its energies.


The May Flower Moon will be focussing on your house of career and public recognition. This will boost your professional life, guiding you down a new path. You will reach a pivotal moment in your career. Don’t be hesitant and follow your heart. The Moon has your back!

As our emotions are up for a toss with this Full Moon in the water sign of Scorpio, be prepared for some turbulence. Use the grounding energy of the Taurus to stand tall.

Explore what the Moon is highlighting and let go of the things you don’t need anymore. Look out for yourself and take care!

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