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Starting Over: Resetting Your Life’s Starting Line

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by Conscious Reminder

There are very few things as bad as starting over. All around us, we can find remnants of past things that have long collapsed and have to be built up again.

There are bottomed-out economies, altered career paths, and education methods have become vastly different. A lot of the things that had once given us security and safety are now obsolete.

Most of us have experienced the feeling of starting over at least once in life. The disappointment and shame that is associated with a gradually crumbling life may be known to you as well. When our most dependable things fail, they leave us standing alone in grief and loss.

It is unpleasant and excruciating to get to know that all that has built up has to be thrown away, and you have to start all over again. But this effort can very well be a disguised blessing.

Life Isn’t A Sprint, It’s A Relay

Life is often compared to a race. But, do not mistake it for a sprint. We have been taught to chase after our goals as quickly as possible or be the first ones to begin the run. We are always told that time is fleeting and that our only objective is competing and being relevant. But that is hardly the case.

Sprinting towards the finish line means you miss out on the important details along the way. Life is not a straight path – there will be obstacles and false starts. All of them have to be taken into consideration. Life is more like a relay race.

There are particular benefits to seeing life as a relay. Just as in a relay, there are different stages in life. Some of them will be rough, others will be smooth. You will also see that there might be slower starts or even failures in some stages.

But even if you fall over, the race will not be over. You will have time to dust yourself down and look forward to the next stage.

If your life’s race has currently ended with a bang, then the following tips can help you become more successful in your next endeavor:

Release The Weight

Think of everything that might be impeding your pace. These can be poor circumstances and attitudes, limiting mindsets, and unproductive habits. If they do not serve any purpose, they may have been the reason behind your downfall. Identify the things weighing you down and release them.

Mistakes Carry Lessons

Try to figure out the reason behind your downfall. Take some time to explore all the factors that have contributed to your situation. Getting to know them will equip you better for your next endeavor. Do not be imprisoned by the past, rather learn from it.

Let Your Intuition Guide You

All of us have experienced our minds and hearts wanting to go in two different directions. Most of the time we listen to our minds. After much struggle, we find out that our hearts knew best. Our intuition almost never fails, so it will be beneficial to learn to flow along with it.

Leap At The Beginning Line

Starting over might very well be your life’s best event. You will find that there is more peace, health, wealth, and happiness waiting for you if you accept starting over in a friendly manner.

You should release the things tripping you and follow what your heart says. Your heart will help you find the best way as you race through the relay of life. And remember: first or last seldom matters, what matters is finishing the race!

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