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Are Déjà Vu And Past Life Memories Related?

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by Conscious Reminder

While many people may not believe in a past life or the phenomenon of reincarnation, many will not deny the strange occurrence of déjà vu.

The feeling of experiencing a thing for the second (sometimes even more than that) may feel unreal, but it is undeniably strong. The surety with which you experience those feelings makes you question your current reality. Is there a chance that the déjà vu you experiences are actually memories from your past life?

Memories Of Previous Lives

from our past life lie dormant in our unconscious mind. These memories have a huge impact on our current life – the decisions we make, our lives, and even our phobias. These past memories can sometimes get triggered by someone or something you experience in this life. This results in you experiencing unusual memories.

It could range from a feeling of experiencing something that you have already experienced or recollecting something that you could in no way have experienced in this lifetime. This is the tiny link that connects a déjà vu and a memory from the past life.

Reincarnation takes place for a number of reasons. Your soul might come back to complete your purpose, to pay back Karmic debt, or to attain spiritual enlightenment. Past life memories, once recollected, can become a catalyst towards your spiritual self-realization.

While there are studies on Déjà vu that say they can be linked to memory failures in our brains, not all recollections can be explained away as brain dysfunction.

Déjà vu happens in a split second, and so, some parapsychologists believe that it could be an example of precognition. We experience something and simultaneously remember that the same incident had happened before our cognitive abilities could properly store it in our brain.

Visions And Dreams

Déjà vu could also be a form of spiritual visions. Memories from our past lives get stored in our subconscious minds, and when we experience the same thing in this life, our inner self reacts to it.

Déjà vu is not the only source of recollecting past life memories. We can also delve into past life memories through our dreams. If you are constantly seeing the same dream, or a detail of it repeatedly, then it could mean that your spiritual self is trying to remind you of your purpose.

Déjà Vu And Phobias

Phobias are another way that you are connected to our past lives. Phobias are defined as anxiety disorders that make you uncomfortable and persistently scared of something, even if you have not experienced that thing before. This is a strong sign that you might have some unresolved issues or a deep spiritual trauma from your past life. So, if you experience unexplainable trauma, it could mean that you are getting a peek into your past life.

These past life memories are a great way for us to tackle our insecurities and fears. If used to our advantage, we can cleanse our souls. It can open the subconscious eye and help us solve challenges, which can even lead to enlightenment.

Keep a check on what themes recur in your life. And you might just unlock the secrets of your past life!

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