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Do You Think Your Powers Are Waking Up? Here Are The Signs

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Discovering the magic within isn’t easy when you’re living in a society that forces you to conform to its dreary rules.

Evil entities work to keep this power a secret from those who would use it against them but just like the rays of the sun, you cannot keep magic hidden away. 

Have you discovered your magic?

If you’re going to attempt the spell to awaken your power, here are the results that you should be looking for. However, before you go further, ensure that you know the consequences of opening your third eye without meaning to. 

1. You hear your name being called even though you’re alone

In the beginning, you’ll keep hearing someone call your name even though you’re completely alone. Sometimes the voice will even call your magical name. 

2. You become more creative

Ancient lore has it that our creativity springs from the fire element and when you are gifted with it, your magic draws power from that element. If you’ve awoken your power, inspired ideas will dawn on you. You become closer to your own spiritual self which is linked to your Guardian Angel and to other enlightened beings. 

3. You can sense spirits when no one else is around

Part and parcel of awakening is becoming more sensitive to the invisible entities around you. When you’re deprived of your other senses, your 6th sense awaken and so when you’re alone, you can feel that which is invisible to everyone else. 

4. You hear shrill sounds

When you’re trying to communicate with other planes, you’ll start hearing these sounds. They are frequently heard in most psychic and magical rituals, more so when they involve communication with otherworldly beings and totem animals. But also ensure that this is not a health related issue. 

5. You start feeling the vibrations around you

After Awakening, you’ll be able to sense the positivity or the negativity of the energies swirling around you. Different types of energies like Reiki will start making sense to you and you may harness them if you wish. 

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