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5 Soul-Level Blocks To Abundance

by consciousreminder
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by Inga Nielsen,
contributing author, Conscious Reminder

Have you been working with affirmations, vision boarding, visualizations and trying to align yourself with desired reality, and yet somehow none of this ever went beyond the level of wishful thinking? There may be deeper issues at work than what is available to the conscious mind.

Any blocks that we have at the level of the soul will effectively stop us, no matter how much effort we may put into manifesting what we want. If we go deeper into our Akashic Record and look at our soul history, we find 5 major obstacles that block the flow of abundance in our lives.

Past Life Vows

Vows are very strong statements that carry with them a powerful energetic charge. Vows can be religious — such as vows of poverty taken by nuns and monks. But vows can also be promises said our loud in a moment of turmoil and heartbreak, or a moment of great joy. One example of these are vows made at the moment of death, such as “I will never fall in love again,” or “I never want to be rich again.”

All vows said with sincere and strong intention leave an energy marker on our soul. This marker does not go away after the incarnation when they were made is over. This means that vows made in one lifetime can affect us in countless future lifetimes, as well.

Finding and identifying such vows, and asking for them to be cleared at the soul level brings about dramatic change in thought patterns, and eventually also life circumstances.

Past Life Trauma

Our soul may choose to experience difficult lifetimes of abuse or disempowerment. It is possible that in one or several lifetimes we had other people rule over us and make every decision for us. Wars and natural disasters may have left us feeling helpless, hopeless, and at the mercy of other people and circumstances beyond our control.

Such events can alter the blueprint of our souls to the point where we feel disempowered at the very core of our being.

Consciously, in this lifetime, we may believe we are worthy of love and abundance coming our way, but our soul rejects this and blocks receiving.

It is as if the soul runs a program that overrides the conscious mind, saying

“The more I have, the more I can lose”,

“I am poor and needy”,

“I have no control over my life”, and so on.

Soul-Level Choices to Be a Healer and Helper

Many who are now interested in spirituality and self-improvement have at one point made a decision at the soul level to be healers and helpers of humanity. While such decision is beautiful and noble, it can also carry with it a subtle form of spiritual ego. There is a perception at the soul level that one has to keep reincarnating and taking onto themselves the suffering, pain and distortions of the human race.

Feeling the need to be a healer and helper at the soul level can result in constantly choosing difficult incarnations, being born in dysfunctional families, places of conflict, having to battle illness and loss. It is as if the soul wants to keep identifying with the wounds and scars of humanity, but ends up becoming more and more disempowered. Instead of helping transform the suffering, the healer soul becomes stuck in it, unable to help others — and herself.

Distorted power templates

At the other end of this spectrum are lifetimes of abuse of power — where one was powerful to the point of harming others. When a soul has reached a stage in spiritual evolution to understand that such choices always bring about karmic retribution, it may start fearing power.

Power becomes associated with the danger of trampling upon others, abusing their trust and destroying their lives. Many highly evolved souls run away from power for this reason, afraid that they will do more harm than good.

Another aspect of this distortion is that abundance becomes associated with greed. Advanced and sensitive souls who haven’t seen many examples of healthy power and true abundance, tend to just avoid them entirely. It is better to be hidden and poor than chasing after money at the expense of others. Healing such distorted templates and learning the true meaning of spiritual power becomes crucial for further spiritual evolution, and of course, receiving true abundance.


All choices that we make carry karmic repercussions. If, for example, someone lost all their possessions due to the consequences of your actions, the law of karma requires that you experience a similar situation.

The law of karma cannot be manipulated. However, gaining understanding and evolving spiritually can reduce the karmic backlash.

Unlike other blocks, we cannot simply ask for karma to be cleared. This being said, its effects can be mitigated considerably when we reach the stage of taking responsibility for our own choices and actions. At a certain level of evolution, we no longer accumulate heavy karma.

Gratitude for what we have and recognition of our own mistakes and misguided intentions helps burn away karmic residue.

About the Author: Inga Nielsen is a professional intuitive, author, an Akashic Record reader and a holistic healing practitioner specializing in soul-level roots of mental and physical disease. Her work is dedicated to helping others raise their vibration and step into abundance through healing meditations, energetic clearing and connecting with their soul in the Akashic Records. More information about Inga can be found on her website  healing-radiance.com

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