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November 2020 Astro Forecast: Out With The Old, In With The New

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by Conscious Reminder

This transformative year has put us in a new karmic cycle that will carry on for the next few generations.

November 2020 is the completion of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction- a major cosmic cycle. Most of the Retrogrades come to an end this month, and the last Lunar Eclipse of the year will also take place.

In the initial weeks of November, the tensions built up in October will start to unravel. It will give us a clear picture of our position.

In the second half of November 2020, expect some closures and completion of projects. New changes can catch up, and with the Lunar Eclipse, significant matters can come to a close.

The intense energy of the Eclipse will guide us as the year comes to an end. It will help us see where we stand and what we are dealing with as we near December. Here are the most important dates of November 2020:

1st November

Angel number 111 is associated with the thinning of the veil between the realms. It also acts as our protector. If you see 111 regularly, it means your guardian angels are looking out for you. The events that occur during such a time are in tune with your higher reality.

3rd November

Mercury will turn direct in Libra on the day of the US Elections. It is best to listen to your intuition and not rush into new projects. If you’re not sure about it, pause and reflect on the decision.

Mercury could bring delays in the process of the election. The elected person will be guiding the country through its first Pluto Return. This is a phase of complete regeneration.

11th November

Angel number 1111 will help us manifest our true desires. Reconnect with your heart and align yourself with its energy. You can work on future intentions and also on your own vibrations. Let your spirit angels be your guide now.

12th November

The third and final Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction this November will bring drastic changes to the finances and global economy. This conjunction works on the weak parts and brings waves of transformation. On a personal level, it is time to work on your financial plans. Tune into the abundant energy of this conjunction and manifest it in your reality.

13th November

After a long Retrograde, Mars is finally turning direct this November. This also indicates no other major planets are in Retrograde now. All the stagnant energies in our lives will now receive a boost from Mars and help us sort them out. Ready to end the year with a bang?

14th November

The last of the 3 Super New Moons of the year will be on the 14th. It will get us closer to the higher vibrations of a December energy portal. Under this Scorpio Super Moon, we will have a clear idea about how to kick start plans and rebuild what has already come to an end.

21st November

Scorpio season will come to an end as the Sun moves in the fiery Sagittarius. We’ll feel its active energy, and with Mars’ blessings, everything around us will catch up to speed. But be careful not to take up more than you can handle.

This is also the date when the Pleiades meteor shower peaks. Associated with death and rebirth, this is the time to honor the dead. All Souls Day, Samhain, and Halloween are all believed to be connected with the Pleiades. Reconnect with your loved ones on the other side of the veil.

29th November

After an intense period of multiple planets in Retrograde, by the end of November 2020, we will have only Uranus in reverse motion. As clarity descends upon us, we can now faster our processes. Pay attention to your dreams- they can reveal much about your true desires.

30th November

The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini will bring us to closure points and highlight new truths. This Eclipse comes with restorative energy, and it will bring balance to our lives.

November 2020 has an array of energies waiting for us. Are you ready to make the most of it?

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