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Sagittarius Season Is Bringing Two Eclipses And Here’s How They’ll Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

The Sagittarius season starts on 21st November. This fire sign will bring along two special eclipses.

The first one is the Gemini penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which will occur on 30th November. The second is a Total Solar Eclipse, which will occur on 14th December.

Traditionally, Eclipses signal change and new beginnings. Know that along with new beginnings; they also indicate endings.

This means that the Sagittarius season will see some chaos. But don’t worry, it’s all for the better. Everything that has been obstructed from our view will be revealed to us.

Let’s see what it means for you based on your zodiac sign.


You like to make plans for the future and be prepared. However, the coming eclipses will derail any plans you make now. Just be open to change, and things won’t be so hard for you. As the calendar changes, change your plans accordingly.


Eclipses don’t harm you. Instead, you will find that your vital resources get rejuvenated during eclipses. You need to take a look at what your work is. Share your viewpoint with others; it’s a good time for you. Even so, make sure that you check up on your finances.


The 30th November Lunar Eclipse will take place under your zodiac. It’s great news for you. We know this year has not been kind to anyone, and all your accomplishments have been hard-earned. Take this time to pay attention to your physical and mental health. Reflect on what’s important for your future and just relax.


It’s time for you to redirect and refocus all your energies. Leave your projects for a while and take time out to cleanse your aura. Working on something non-stop can be quite draining. The time is perfect for you to take a break and look after your needs.


Eclipses are infamous for bringing in chaos. This also means an abundance of opportunities. And so, during the coming days, you might experience an influx in demands. It could be from your professional life. Make sure that you pay attention to the top priorities. It’s also a good time to sort your business out.


There will be a lot of career changes. You will also receive several opportunities to expand your professional life. Make sure that you take the step you are passionate about.


It’s time for you to stop talking and getting the work done. The more you stress about something, the harder it will be for you. Especially with the two eclipses, you cannot afford to get distracted.


What you need to do is follow your instinct for the next couple of weeks. The two eclipses will distort the way things look. And so, you should rely on yourself.


This Eclipse Season is reminding you that your growth and transformation are just on the horizon. All you need to do is let a couple of things go. The more you hold onto things that don’t belong in your life, the longer it will take for you to grow. This Sagittarius season, you are in power.


The time is perfect for you to let go of past issues. With the new beginnings just a corner away, you need to close some chapters in your life. Live in the present with kindness and integrity.


In the coming days, you will find that your projects are getting overwhelming. It’s time for you to cut some things loose. Know that it’s okay to compromise.


This Eclipse Season, you need to become more honest about yourself. It’s okay to compromise sometimes. However, if something is harming your needs, you need to be upfront about it.

As the Capricorn season begins on 21st December, we will all see the dawn of a new beginning.

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