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This Is How The Capricorn New Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

The first New Moon of the year is all set to rise on the night of 12th January in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn will help us focus on our goals and plan for the coming months.

Be it professional goals, money matters, or just aligning with Capricorn energy in general, this New Moon is going to set a productive cycle in motion. Here’s how the zodiacs will deal with this luminary.


The Capricorn New Moon will offer you insight into your strengths when it comes to your professional life. This is a good time to start a new journey where your work is more aligned with your values. Make the most of this Moon!


Like the other fixed signs, your field of vision often becomes too narrow while focusing. This Capricorn New Moon is asking you to open your eyes to new opportunities. This is a good time to build your resume: learn something new, find a new hobby, seek new mentors.


This is going to be a very personal luminary as you dive deep into your life. Analyze your relationships and yourself. You could find a magical side to yourself too!


This luminary will help you focus on your love life and building connections. Use your manifestation power to bring into reality the kind of relationships you want to have in the coming months.


The Capricorn New Moon will help you become more self-driven and disciplined. You can start by restructuring your daily routine. Find a new exercise routine, take up healthier food habits, and find more ways to stay calm.


Time to let go of the reigns now! The luminary is urging you to embrace the flirty person who resides deep within you. This is a great time to start a creative project that makes you happy. Be more romantic and playful this year.


With the Capricorn New Moon, take some time to introspect. Prepare for a great year ahead by spending some alone time. Be comfortable being alone in your corner. Find ways to be happy without the crowd.


You have some big goals to reach this 2021. But being focused on them can be overwhelming at times. Instead, plan baby steps that will take you closer to your goals consistently. Look into the details before you leap.


Money matters are on your mind as the Capricorn New Moon rises. The Moon can help you make a new start on your financial matters. Use the Capricorn energy to make a budget and stick to it. Every cent matters when you start saving each day.


With the first New Moon rising in your sign, ready to make the most of this luminary? Your pragmatic self is going to get a further boost, and your New Year resolutions will be easier to meet! Time to manifest those goals.


The 2020 holiday season was quite exhausting this year, but the Capricorn New Moon is here for some spiritual restoration. Rest a bit longer and get lost in your daydreams. Slow down and enjoy each moment before you return to the grind.


Expect some new beginnings in your social life. Be open to new opportunities for making friends, they might just change your life! Embrace the sense of community this Capricorn New Moon is bringing and make new connections!

The Capricorn New Moon is bringing positive energy for everyone. With a new year and new goals, this is the time to get down to the details and start working on them.

Are you ready to enjoy this productive lunation?

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