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Leo Full Moon On January 28th/29th: Get Excited About What Is Yet To Come

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By Conscious Reminder

The new year of 2021 has just started. Nonetheless, powerful activities have already been developing in the interplanetary skies.

We should always remember that as this year is new, the cycle of zodiac signs that are presently making our world go around is soon going to draw its curtain. With the conclusion of these cosmic occurrences, fresh happenings are awaiting us.

At the end of this zodiac, the cycle is rapidly approaching its conclusion during the Equinox of March. Several things might seem to activate at this climax point.

The Full Moon of Leo is about to take place on the 28th and 29th of January 2021. It is the 2nd last Full Moon in this zodiac cycle. There is a possibility of interesting things getting triggered. Alongside, we might get the opportunity to know about the things that might be approaching us in the future.

This Full Moon seems to be like a bag of mixed tricks and slightly chaotic. We might get some unexpected surprises or become confused about the things which might seem uncertain and strange.

Some challenging information might be thrown at us or we might notice hidden feelings and emotions which were neatly locked away, being suddenly disclosed.

Even though the Full Moon alignments might initially seem chaotic, they also represent cosmic protection once we look at the larger picture.

Irrespective of the revelation of surprising incidents and information, our strength lies in taking a step back, focusing on the positive aspects, and remembering that a greater power is governing our life and fate.

This strength to put faith in the greater power and zooming out will be offered by the favorable configuration of Jupiter as well as the Sun that will take place simultaneously during the Full Moon this January.

A Year Full Of Surprises

Jupiter and the Sun are currently making an alignment that is expected to bring auspicious energy. Additionally, this will be the ideal time for making new deals, introducing new products, launching new business or events, or experiencing beneficial opportunities offered by the Universe.

The Full Moon day is likely to usher in the expansion and abundance of our gifts and talents.

Under the power of this chaotic energy of the Full Moon, the possibility and desire to connect might seem a bit difficult since there is an abundance of energy around us.

However, by keeping our mind and perspective open and liberated, we can discover small jewels that are strewn around by the Universe and up for grabs.

So we must remain attentive to the indications given by the Universe on this particular day and be focused on the larger picture.

Also, be aware that in case things become confusing, they will untangle with time. Clarity will come soon and with time, we will be able to comprehend the necessity of these events for a better future.

This Full Moon is occurring in the zodiac house of Leo and is accompanied by creative and impassioned energy.

So make sure to optimize this energy to embark on a new and profitable venture. This energy will prove to be highly motivating and thrilling to keep you going for a long time.

For people under lockdown, life is certainly monotonous. Nonetheless, the Full Moon will bring back some excitement in little ways. The Leo Moon will bring you an inspiration to create small things that keeps the fire within you ignited.

Leo is known to be a confident leader. Therefore, despite the obstacle, Leo’s energy will bring determination and courage to face the difficulties and our inner fears.

This January Full Moon might be imbalanced but will be full of motivation and courage.

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