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This Is How The Emotion-Infused Full Moon Will Affect Your Romantic Relationships

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by Conscious Reminder

You shouldn’t be much surprised if you feel a whole host of emotions bubbling under the surface during this Full Moon, on August 15th.

With most Full Moons, you always get to feel the emotions underneath, threatening to spill forth. But if you add love to the mixture, you are almost spilling it over.

It won’t be all glitz and glam, that is sure. You need to focus on what’s been missing all this while and the Full Moon is going to help you with that. You would understand where you were going wrong and the illumination from the Moon would highlight all the niches.

The effect of Venus would be felt in opposition to the Moon. While it is always very soft, kind, and gentle, you will experience the passionate, intense, and slightly dark side of it.

Here’s how the zodiacs will fare under the Full Moon:


All you need to do is establish a balance between your friends and your romantic partner. None of them want to feel isolated, neither should they, so you need to fix your schedule in such a way that it doesn’t hamper your relationship with either.


There will be a Uranus Retrograde in place, affecting you along with the Full Moon. Although this means significant changes along the way, you don’t need to fret much. Simply hold on, and let the moonlight shine on your path.


Your time for expression is here, so don’t try to hold back anything. Ping your parents, your hombres, your dudebros, and your lovers. Call them up and tell them what they mean to you and speak from the heart.


You might be up for a rough patch in the woods, so tread carefully. Don’t bring up issues you don’t want to deal with. Also, try to think before taking any step, for you might end up being a partner in making a mountain out of a molehill. Don’t jump to conclusions and respect boundaries.


Light shining on all sides of the coin can be a troubling thing if your will isn’t strong. But if you really want to give that love a chance, don’t turn your back to adversities, but face them bravely.


This is your time to shine in the dark. Your romance is burning brighter than the sun and the Full Moon is going to light upon the good aspects of the relationship. The kinks can be worked out, but it needs some commitment.


You would be facing a conundrum- should you go back or move on? Love is certainly on your mind, and in the air, and you need to make a decision. If you are ready to recommit back to the relationship, you have to soothe some inner demons.


The Full Moon is not going to let you sweep things under the rug just because you don’t want to be confronting those you love. But that is how this Full Moon is going to be. You have to face your problems and either break off or try to fix it. No middle ground.


You are always up for jokes and the usual limericks, but for once, you would be speaking the truth. Not only will it shock you, but would shock your partner too. This time around, you won’t be taking recourse to jokes, but actually, speak your heart out.


If you feel ignored or pressurized into doing a whole lot of things you don’t want to, this Moon is going to fix things straight. You would be happy with how things would be after they are fixed.


With the Full Moon in your zodiac, it is obvious that you are angling towards a change. And this change is going to be coming from inside you, for your relationships. You need to sit down and reminisce about how you want your relationship to proceed, and if things seem awry or wrong to you, change them.


It is all about finding the homeostasis between spending time with yourself and your partner. Where will you go?

Have a safe Full Moon!

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