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February 2021 Astrology Through Dates: Powerful Aquarius Stellium

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By Conscious Reminder

We are about to enter the second month of the year, and it is going to be one of the most intense ones.

February 2021 has some rare alignments and multiple cosmic events that will keep us busy. The Aquarius Stellium, as well as the Saturn-Uranus Square, will be the show-stealers, though.

Stelliums are concentrated sources of energy. The Aquarius Stellium will push you towards one particular topic, and you will be fixated on it in the coming days. Sharpen your focus in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

This is a great time to get stagnant projects going again and discovering new information. The first Saturn-Uranus Square of the year will highlight themes of innovation, rebellion, and shocking information. Out attention might also turn to the changing environment that we need to protect.

Mercury will be Retrograde for most of February, so make sure not to take hasty decisions. If you experience setbacks, let the Universe be your guide. Mercury’s energy will be enhanced by Venus and Uranus. This will bring matters of the heart to the surface. Old wounds might heal with forgiveness. Here is the full list of important dates this February.

2nd February: Cross-Quarter Day

The Cross-Quarter Day is celebrated in Pagan culture as the day midway between the Solstice and the Equinox. The Master Number 22 rules over this day. Hence, this is a good day to strengthen our foundations and building new prospects for the future.

6th February: Venus-Uranus Square

While this energy itself is not too volatile, the impact of the Mercury Retrograde can turn things intense. This is a good day to seek closure from old wounds. Release the energy and move on.

8th February: Mercury In Retrograde Conjuncts The Sun

This is an Inferior Conjunction, where a planet in Retrograde aligns with the Sun. This will be a turning point in the Retrograde phase. The information and insight Mercury will be unearthing during its reverse motion will be revealed during this time. Release your questions to the Universe, and you might just get the answers!

11th February: New Moon In Aquarius

The Aquarius Stellium will reach its peak potential under the New Moon on the 11th. With the Sun, Moon, and multiple planets under the influence of Aquarius, we will be moving deeper in the Age of Aquarius now. Remember that Mercury will still be in Retrograde under this Moon, so try not to embark on any new missions just yet.

12th February: Chinese New Year

2021 Chinese New Year will be the year of the Metal Ox. the coming months will be all about organizing and grounding. As we put in more hard work this year, it will pave the way for future abundance. You will emerge as a stronger and more dependable person by the time the year ends.

17th February Saturn-Uranus Square

When the planet of chaos and awakening forms the tense 90-degree alignment with the planet of authority and responsibility, things are bound to turn volatile. Uranus will be eager to act out and be free while Saturn struggles to reign it in within boundaries. The energy will be playing out on multiple fronts.

18th February: Pisces Season

The last season of the zodiac will start on the 18th of this month. We will be getting in touch with our emotions due to the influence of the water sign. This is a good time to let go of past matters as we look forward to the new zodiac cycle starting in March.

20th February: Mercury Turns Direct

The planet of communication will turn Direct on the 20th but leave the post-retrograde shadow only on 13th March. The beginning and end of the Retrograde are usually the most intense. Look out for messages on these days. The messages and information could come from the Universe, but Mercury being in Retrograde could imply the information coming from your inner and higher self.

27th February: Virgo Full Moon

The month will end with a Full Moon rising in the practical sign of Virgo. The last Full Moon of the astro year will bring healing and empowering energies for us. You might feel the urge to declutter your surroundings and nourish yourself in new ways. The Moon will remind us of our inner strength and help us keep pushing forward.

Overall, February 2021 will be quite interesting with some stellar alignments. As the energies turn more volatile, try to lay low and relax. Let the Retrograde pass, and all the opportunities turning up now will still be waiting.

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