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How Breaking Repetitive Emotional Cycles Can Improve Your Life

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by Conscious Reminder

We experience what we actually emit. When a painful and hard situation repeats itself, it will be time to start working and make our subconscious conscious.

Here, we will read several basic emotional processing tips that will help us during the process of self-work:

When we have enough of one same thing, and it keeps reappearing and repeating in our life, again and again, we are prepared to assist ourselves in moving forward past it, and consciously choose our time for the processing. Considerable celestial events or Eclipses will be excellent and potent times for doing it.

We can visit a private and quiet place where we can be completely alone. We should turn every single thing which talks, plays music, sings or rings, and so on. Also, we should turn off our phones. We should create a place in which we can be in solitude and silence with ourselves and focus on our processing.

We should analyze repeating situations calmly, and then try to comprehend their roots. We should not blame other people, because, in most cases, such things are usually connected with a trauma from our childhood which we continue creating over and over again, and which we came to realize now.

We can interview our parents, if that is possible, and ask them everything they remember from our childhood or what was happening between us. How did our mom feel when she was pregnant or what occurred during the first months after we were born, which we cannot recall? Were our parents in a good relationship? How they treated us? Talking to our parents will be a great source of insight during the process.

However, if we don’t have the ability to interview them, we can trace the feelings for that situation, sit calmly and then see the memories which will come up.

We can find some pictures from our childhood and look carefully. No matter how uncomfortable it sounds, everything can be obviously seen in those pictures.

When we feel the need of crying, we should cry hard; however, we should limit it to 15 minutes intervals at a time. If we cry longer, it is going to damage the energy fields within us.

We should also take long neutrality breaks of thinking, taking notes, and analyzing calmly. Then, we should write down everything we remembered, felt, or discovered.

We should also take naps and meditate.

We can use some exercises offered by professionals and teachers such as Teal Swan, Byron Katie, Barbara de Angelis, or others that feel right to us and match our situation.

We need to be determined understand and then move toward everything that keeps us re-creating. We should do that now and also know that everything we do is for our own good and well-being.

At the time of the processing, we have to nurture ourselves, eat healthily and lightly, take good sleep, drink great amounts of water, get enough sun, walk outside, ground, sit peacefully and calmly in nature, and simply breathe.

If we also know how, we should facilitate our timeline jumps after we realized everything, in order to help us create new beginnings. Facilitating timeline jumps before processing the main lessons, will often drag them in the following timeline with us, and they will present themselves differently when it comes to their form or characteristics.

Regardless of how uncomfortable the processing seems, some significant changes and major healing in our external circumstances will be on the opposite side of our work. We have to be quite strong and willing to do it.

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