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Faking A Smile While Falling Apart Inside: The Hidden Truth About Depression

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by Conscious Reminder

Many people believe that those who suffer from depression, need to cry, look sad, or lay in some corner, and beg for death. But, that is not the case, for sure.

In fact, depression can represent itself in a lot of different ways. Although it may sound unbelievable, those people who suffer from the highest levels of depression in this world, usually appear happy.

The so-called “Smiling Depression” is a condition which happens when those people who are severely depressed, are seemingly happy, functioning at higher levels, or it just looks like that, on their outside.

For example, we all know Robin Williams, the actor who we see as a happy person. Although his lifestyle and smile make us believe that he is in excellent mental health, we found out that he wasn’t.

Well, that’s why the so-called smiling depression represents the most harmful and dangerous depression form. Although people seem happy, when they spend time alone, their hopelessness, despair, and dark thoughts constantly plague them, so that they never ask for help.

Dina Goldstein Silverman, who is an assistant psychiatry professor, and licensed psychologist, said:

“Oftentimes, I am the only person in this individual’s immediate circle who is aware of how he or she is feeling on the inside.”

She believes that this type of depression is usually the main reason for suicides. Compared to people who sleep for days, don’t eat, and don’t leave their home, the people suffering from smiling depression are going to be full of energy several days before the suicide.

Oftentimes, these events occur soon after some traumatic changes in life. For every one of you that lives with this dangerous type of depression, we recommend you to reach out or ask for help, as you really need it.

Asking for help is not going to make you a weak person. Rather than that, it will mean that you are actually strong, but you aren’t supposed to hold all the weight on you. Moreover, physical activity and meditation are proved to be effective and have excellent benefits for mental health.

According to the University of Rutger, those people that meditate or exercise will have higher possibilities to experience improvements in their condition by 40%. Another thing which can also help immensely is cognitive behavioral therapy, as it will teach you how you can change your behavior and thinking patterns.

However, you can definitely get the needed help, and all you have to do is ask for it.

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