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You Will Always Be Enough, No Matter What Others Think

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by Conscious Reminder

Very often we go through bouts of inadequacy and end up feeling never enough. The question is why do we feel we are never enough?

Have we surrounded ourselves with people who make us feel insufficient? Does the world make us believe we will never be enough?

The past is intricately intertwined with our present and frequently makes a comeback in our future as well. Our past holds considerable authority over our actions and the way we treat others as well as ourselves. Subsequently, if we keep clinging to our past, it will keep showing up and affect our future.

Very often the judgmental attitude of our parents tends to make us feel insufficient and leave a lasting impression on us.

Despite having our best interest at heart, our parents’ approach makes us desperate for acceptance. There is a need for acknowledgment not only from them but also from others around us.

Many of us had parents who demanded nothing but excellence from us since childhood. So, when a child fails to meet their expectations, they turn harsh. This leaves us with a deep feeling of dissatisfaction and self-disappointment.

As a result, we keep pushing ourselves to be better at everything as an adult. Being hard on oneself self constantly takes a psychological and emotional toll on us. The only sense of satisfaction and delight we receive then is by pleasing others and being accepted by others.

Reasons To Feel That We Are Never Enough

These early inclinations of disappointment deeply affect our perspective as we start questioning everything we do at school, college, and professional life.

There are children who do not fit in and feel out of place among other children at school and neighborhood. However, they try their hardest to become friends and spend time with them by playing and hanging out together.

Despite trying their hardest, they feel a distance and discomfort when they are with their so-called friends. They perpetually feel they do not belong with them but feel fortunate to have friends who hang out with them. So they end up faking smiles and pretending to have fun with them while they convince themselves that they are friends.

Even when they criticize, make fun of, or say mean things about them, they quietly let it pass because they want approval and belonging. Gradually this becomes a mental abuse later in college and the workplaces. The need for approval leads them towards self-destruction. This is driven by the feeling of being never enough.

Ways To Prevent & Eliminate Feeling Insufficient

We need to find and speak with real people with whom we feel a deep connection. Such people will not mock our emotions and will understand the inner working of our minds.

They will remind us that our parents always want the best for us. They are often harsh with us because they want to prepare us for the real world which is brutal. Nonetheless, they never intend to purposely abuse us or make us feel never enough.

Once we begin to realize the mistakes of our own parents and forgive them for those unintentional stringencies, we would be able to let go of our past. Forgiveness unlocks a deeper consciousness within us that releases emotional baggage and repressed wounds.

Embrace Yourself & Live Honestly

Forgiveness is a difficult practice but the outcome is freedom; freedom from our past, uncertainty, and the feeling never enough. We can finally start realizing our authentic selves.

We must remember not to allow our past to define our future. We can attain authenticity and freedom by writing down our thoughts and reflecting on our previous actions. Once we forgive others, we must apologize to others we have hurt as well.

Moving forward in life is the key to a happy and content life. This will ensure we will always be enough.

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