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Taurus New Moon: Relax Or Chase Down Goals?

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by Conscious Reminder

Taurus rules the New Moon of May. As such, it is the first of the Taurus season. The energy will make us fix and focus on tangible goals, and make us pragmatic.

Thus, if the subject is our values, money, or love, or any other Taurean theme, they will be especially important. However, there’s no need to rush since, in Taurus, the moon and the sun will be aligning. You should be more thorough and enjoy yourself in the process.

The New Moon will affect these 3 zodiac signs the most:


This the new moon for you, Taurus. Furthermore, the sun and the moon are going to join your house of self. Thus, the time is perfect for setting some goals. But remember that you and your desires should come first.

Only focus on your paper. Prepare for a surprising boost in motivation and energy regarding communications. It is important to push the comfort zone a bit while being practical.


Leos have a lot of passion regarding work. Furthermore, it is important for them to leave their mark. As such, May’s new moon will significantly impact the house of public image and career.

Currently, there will be new exciting paths in your professional life. Listen to your intuition and dreams as they may hold the key to what your next step is. So have more confidence and accept that sudden opportunity.


May’s new moon is going to hit your chart’s partnership sector. Thus, the time has come to be serious about any individual connections. Revaluate your goals and milestones for your relationships.

Search deep within yourself the answer your commitment questions. The dynamics in your relationship are currently in a flux state. As such, it requires a lot of work, but it will all be worth it for the future.

These are the 3 least affected zodiac signs:


May’s astrology has several planets entering Gemini. Thus, you might see things starting to happen – but do not start yet. May’s new moon will ask you to hit the brakes and give some time to yourself first.

It is more important to have a quiet mind and a clear schedule before that. Make sure there are no mundane tasks to serve as distractions for your main goal. Spiritual healing, relaxation, and rest are your primary themes. To that effect, being alone for a couple of nights at home to recharge is welcome.


To Virgo, efficiency comes naturally regarding any list of things to be done. They pay even more attention to the things essential. So it is time to look at the things that are not essential but make you excited about life.

May’s new moon will make you wonder about the greatest mysteries and pleasure of life from the bottom of your heart. Thus, it is high time you fulfill your thirst for this knowledge. Begin to think about further education. Or, pursue a goal that you always had in mind and that excites you.


May’s new moon is the time to kick up your feet and chill. This lunation, you will have an easier time with romance. Therefore, say yes to the date and you have a high chance of getting lucky.

Or, spice things up in existing relationships by being a bit more flirty. Moreover, the time is ripe for any artistic endeavors or passion projects. You will get the chance to make your life more joyful this new moon.

In Conclusion:

In astrology, New Moons are usually auspicious times for starting new endeavors. Furthermore, May’s new moon has a lot of planetary connections that are positive. So the universe will be extra supportive of you in May.

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