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Taurus New Moon Rising May 11th/12th: Restore & Recharge

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by Conscious Reminder

The season of the eclipse represents a period of transformation and change in our lives.

In addition, it is also a time when the Universe reveals a chance for us to take a huge leap of faith. This jump towards a lofty path in life eventually opens the door to bring about an evolution of our soul.

The Taurus New Moon is different from an eclipse. But it does trigger a new cycle of lunation that will show us the path to an extra powerful eclipse during the Full Blood Moon. This eclipse is scheduled to take place on 26th May.

We all know that New Moons have the ability to bring a new beginning for us and it embodies a clean slate. Some of the New Moons seem extremely active.

They usually want us to increase our energy level to meet the energy of the season. On the other hand, few New Moons are quite passive and demand us to reflect and retreat from where we are positioned.

New Beginnings Call For Retreat

This New Moon in Taurus is certainly calling us to make a retreat. The energy that is accompanied by this lunation must be utilized by us to re-energize our batteries. The prevalent energy will be optimally used only if we devote time for ourselves.

We must take this time to retreat within and reflect upon our life deeply. This will allow the energy to flow towards a natural course instead of controlling and manipulating them. Taurus being a potent earth sign serves as the ideal ground for our body to rest and reconnect spiritually.

This lunation will start pulling us towards Eclipse energy. As a result, we must keep our feet grounded firmly lest we start rolling in the Eclipse vigor. Nonetheless, remaining firmly grounded will help us stay stable and get ready for forthcoming cosmic events.

Stay Strong Against The Cosmic Current

Black Moon Lilith or BML is acutely active during the period of the New Moon. Moreover, BML ushers raw energy that is feminine in nature. This energy will remind us that we must stand strong and identify the complete potential within us.

This will also make us realize to take a stand for ourselves. And remind us to speak in a true and authentic manner so others will pay attention. We will also get the courage to withstand any uncomfortable situation that is an essential part of our journey to become an authentic individual.

BML also characterizes the darkness and void that engulfs just before any big transformation occurs. Although such a dark void might make us feel intimidated, the energy will usher confidence to strongly stand against darkness and bring back the light.

Move Through The Darkness To Reclaim Light

At times it is crucial to move through the darkness to enable the transformative energies to flow. For instance, a caterpillar must retreat towards darkness so it can undergo the destined rebirth and evolve into a beautiful butterfly.

When we feel a pull towards the darkness, we must quietly retreat and allow it to recharge us spiritually. Once we overcome the fears of void and darkness, we will be able to attain deeper insights regarding our forward journey in life.

Moreover, darkness also helps us to distance ourselves from distractions of the outer world and focus within. This way we can hear the voice of our instinct, loud and clear. Additionally, darkness always enables dreaming, creativity, imagination, and enlightenment.

Embrace Transformation

Venus is the ruler of Taurus and will be very potent during this lunation. Although Venus has a soft and subtle way to express itself, it has powerful feminine energy like BML. Feminine vigor can shatter gendered boundaries and encourages us to embrace our less practical, creative, and intuitive aspects.

Feminine energy perfectly mingles with the cosmos and opens up new directions for us to tread. In general, this New Moon of Taurus provides an opportunity of attaining self-love and welcome creativity. We must therefore flow with these energies.

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