Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Double-Check Your Thoughts

by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is scheduled to take place on 26th May 2021. The two forthcoming lunations are expected to act as an experiment for the ‘Form follows thought’ concept.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius during May 2021 will clear both sides to this equation. The New Moon in Gemini scheduled in June 2021 is expected to rearrange and upgrade the equation further.

The eclipse season also makes a comeback on the axis of Gemini/Sagittarius. This forms a clash between communication vehicles, sources, modes, and philosophical systems created from the flow of data and broadcasting methods. These eclipses will motivate the strength of beliefs and words through evidence of the impact on the real world. Moreover, the stories narrated have a large-scale impact.

The eclipse cycle started in June 2020 and will conclude in December 2021. This cycle will be accompanied by issues and themes that plagued the world during December 2001 and November 2003. We might also identify a few parallels between last time and now. Especially if we narrow it down to 20th May 2002, we might recall the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius that happened at a similar degree this month.

Antepenultimate Eclipse

This Full Moon in Sagittarius 2021 has the status of a lunar eclipse. It is likely to increase our emotional outpourings that usually get stirred during full moon periods. All lunar eclipses bring important revelations by shining light upon dark places from the past. It also ushers dramatic endings and partings.

There is an adage that acts as a sub-theme that says, ‘Political is personal’. Legislative actions and policies might have a direct impact on us or help us in realizing the personal implications. Involvement and disengagement normally have equal possibilities. Sudden changes occur in politics and it has a huge influence on our life.

We will have a big urge to move beyond earlier perspectives and expand our visions by letting our imagination soar. The Moon square Jupiter is largely responsible for this intention. Illusions, deceit, and romanticizing also have some influence on this. Something good will certainly be blown to dust or someone close to us will be parted.

All these factors will bring about a huge transformation in our point of view and result in us being manipulated by more false information. This Sagittarius lunation will reveal the perspective that becomes irreconcilable and irretraceable. However, we might get inspired to stop and reflect before moving forward.

Cosmic Alignments Bringing Changes

Mars will be in trine with Neptune which is making such big shifts. This unfettered contact between these two planetary bodies will unleash more issues and prompt urgent action against deception and lies. Compassion might also flow from this cosmic alignment.

Repercussions, maturity, and responsibility will also come from Saturn sextile in Aquarius. We will get reminded to take accountability for our actions and words. We will also be encouraged to rethink some of our beliefs. We will have time for things to work out.

The chain of dramatic events will get triggered in the eclipse season but will unfold in due time. Saturn is fully responsible for this delay and incomplete revelation since it is in retrograde. This time interval will make this sextile more imperative.

We should be mindful of the shifts because they will have long-term impacts on our life. Hence positive reconstruction will act to our advantage. Furthermore, Mercury is gradually moving in retrograde, which is unspooling communication. The retrograde will allow us to finish unfinished business and update old perspectives.

Moving Forward

This Full Moon in Sagittarius 2021 is definitely a lunar eclipse and will have a huge influence on our potentials and energies. We must note down the stories that we hear and continue telling them to others as well.

Stories keep the human mind alive. Human prejudices, beliefs, and understandings are driven by stories heard and shared. As a result, we must keep telling and re-telling them.

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